Monday, November 12, 2007

New hire may shorten the 30-day wait for records.

It’s a pleasure to announce that Sandy Troka has accepted the position of Business and Operations Administrative Specialist, filling a position vacated when Donna Reed retired at the end of August. Sandy will be joining us beginning December 1st.

Sandy has been with Edmonds Community College for the past 25 years, starting in the bookstore, moving to program support supervisor for the Arts/Music department, and currently serving as the executive assistant to the Vice President for Student Services. In addition to processing budget, FERPA/student records requests, due process hearings and contractual and legal issues, Sandy has been an integral part of the team currently analyzing requirements and preparing the college’s response to their 10-year accreditation review. Sandy is a parent in the district, and is an active contributor to many community organizations.

Before filling this position, we took the opportunity to review our staffing needs, especially in the growing area of public records, mandatory state and federal reporting, and other regulatory types of processes. The administrative specialist position was slightly revamped to place more emphasis on responsibilities in the preparation of District responses in these areas, and Sandy’s background is an excellent fit for this role.

Again, welcome to Sandy – we’ve very glad she will be a new member of our team!

Marla Miller
Assistant Superintendent

4 comments: said...

This might just expedite the manner in which public records are disclosed, but then things are not always as they seem.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the significant salary increase in this position and the creation of an additional "filing and bookkeeping" position that will combine to further spend taxpayer's money to dispel any rumors held against Ms Miller. She'll show you all who continues to be in control.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if she knows how to shred thousands of documents like her predecessor. She will be spending a lot of time doing that.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering what connection she has with Marla outside the district. A family friend maybe. Marla only hires yes people. Manny is her boy how degrading it must be to him. I remember being in a meeting with Marla and Manny and having Marla throw a tablet at Manny and said you take notes because the conversation was getting intense and she saw notes being taking from the other side and I think it scared her. Manny put his head down and took notes like a good boy. Believe me MM is a -itch!