Friday, November 23, 2007

Rules of Procurement no further than one's nose.

The district has developed a variety of ways for you to make purchases. Regardless of the method used, all purchases must meet certain requirements.

State Purchasing Law (Summarized)
When the total purchases of like items exceed $50,000 per fiscal year districtwide, the item must be bid. Items that are included in a bid must be purchased from the vendor awarded the bid, unless the district can document that the item was not available from the bid vendor at the time of purchase.
Three Quotes: When the total purchases of like items exceed $15,000 per fiscal year districtwide, the purchaser or with the help of the buyer must document that price quotes were obtained from three different vendors before the purchase was made.
Public Works Project: When the total cost of a building, improvement, repair, or other public works project exceeds $15,000 the work shall be awarded on a competitive bid process. If a small works roster (legally defined list of approved contractors) is maintained, projects up to $50,000 may be awarded to a contractor on the roster without a competitive bid on the basis of competitive verbal or written quotes.
Sole Source: Only the Board of Directors can declare a vendor to be the "sole source" of an item or service regardless of cost. However, this option requires extensive documentation that the vendor is in fact the only supplier of the item or service, and is not easily nor frequently applied.
To assist you in knowing what items have been bid and must be purchased from a particular vendor, the Purchasing Department has created a Bid List, available in paper form from the Business Services Department.

Fun Factoid: The source for this material came directly from the District's website. You can visit the website by clicking here.

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