Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Unless we change our ways and our direction..."

Years ago the District sent forth a mission statement. Each item in the statement began with the words "We Believe". They all extolled the value and importance of our students, community members and staff. These statements were positive and aspired to high goals for the betterment of all the above mentioned groups. That was a different time, a different Board and a different superintendent.

It's obvious to me, as a member of the classified staff of the Edmonds School District that these goals and values have been lost, at least when it comes to the particular segment of staff I'm in. Mark's experiences and eventual termination serves as an example of these lowered standards and callous treatment of staff by the current administration. It's only a matter of time before this administrative style (if it can be called that) begins to have a negative impact on other staff groups, community members and, God forbid, our students.

At this point I feel the need to say that I believe, rather, I know, that the vast majority of District staff are hard working, honest individuals who have a heart for serving the District in its' work of educating our children.

There's always going to be a few bad apples in any organization. Unfortunately for us, some of those bad apples hold the highest positions in the District. It wouldn't be the first time that a good organization was brought down by just a few individuals. My sincere hope is that this will not be the case for The Edmonds School District.

Not-so-Fun Factoid: The author of this entry still works for the District and chooses not to provide a name because of retaliation. If the District can target former employees, what chance does a current employee have?


Anonymous said...

Many years ago the Transportation Department was so corrupt they fixed non-District vehicles on the clock. Individuals went as far as having storage sheds purchased with District money delivered to their own properties. Someone finally decided to do something about it and it all ended.

What is going on with the poor leadership on Superintendent Staff and the School Board shall too pass. Hang in there, it’s just a matter of time.

Anonymous said...

How can our leadership bury their heads in the sand. You are coming down. Just tell the tax payer the truth and get your resume in order. We don't want you running our district. Employees should never be afraid to speak up about things that are important to them. I write my opinion in the newspaper all the time and I can because it is my freedom. It is what our service men and women put their lifes on the line for. I dare anyone to take that freedom away from me. I know the leaderships is trying very hard to find out who is writing to the blog. When employees think that telling the leadership that they read the blog and what is being said they are putting themselves out their to be used as an example. If you think that because you are being open about the blog that it protects you well I'm here to tell you it does not. The voice can be heard throughout the building from upstairs. It comes from the corner where the accounting takes place. Your voice carries throughout the building so please protect the other employees by not guessing who you think is writing to the blog. Your guess may be wrong and the wrong employee could be
AXED! We need to protect each other from the leadership but still carry on the important work we were hired to do. It's all about the education of students. I'm having a hard time voting for Simply Major because I am afraid that Olympia will think this is a way to not fund education and let the tax payers pay for it all. Also how am I guaranteed that the monies will be used for education and not to line the pockets of our leadership. Thanks Mark for giving us all a place to vent! In the end it will come to a head it has too!