Sunday, November 11, 2007

Was I supposed to start breaking kneecaps?

I just have to laugh at the recent response penned by the District's legal team. I can laugh because it comes with encouraging news. Apparently, in response to my request for any proof whatsoever, demonstrating that anyone is paying for space, the District claims it was my responsibility to ensure that organizations paid their pre-negotiated share.

This is funny because the District seems to think that I write checks on behalf of freeloading cities and pay bills on behalf of deadbeat Partners. I complained numerous times that Powerful Partners was not paying their bill and was assured, by Marla, that she would take care of it, that she was working with them on a related issue, and that arrangements are being made. I can only imagine as to the nature of the "arrangements".

Maybe the City of Lynnwood, City of Mountlake Terrace and Powerful Partners were paying their bills. Maybe there isn't any proof because, per District policy, no copies of checks were ever made. Additionally, maybe someone in Accounts Payable has been skimming these payments prior to their deposit into the General Fund. Oh, that was another colorful chapter under management's watchful eye.

I am instantly reminded of negotiations between my supervisor and the City of Lynnwood. I had the pleasure of witnessing my supervisor fight for every dollar the District was entitled to, only to have the City appeal the matter to the head of Business and Operations and have all of his great work dissolved in an instant. How about that Cedar Valley parking issue? The sale of Site 6 to Lynnwood?

Secondly, I am relieved that the District believes they are entitled to this money. When the Cities received their bills, Mountlake Terrace sent an identical bill back to the District for use of their swimming pool at the Pavilion. The City of Lynnwood kept making changes in the formatting of the bill - so as to "expedite" payment. There were so many formatting changes that the following year's charges then had to be incorporated - thus triggering a new wave of format change requests because now it involved multiple years. I hope management eventually collects their money and, of course, I will still be waiting for copies of those checks.

For future reference, sending an invoice does not mean you possess any authority to ensure that the invoice is paid. All you can do is complain to your supervisor, who then complains to his, who then promptly dismisses the matter because asking for money from friends is inconsistent with one's quest for greater influence.

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Anonymous said...

Did they ever pay? It has been a year.