Thursday, February 21, 2008

The time for meaningful change is now.

I realize that many of my former co-workers harbor some deep-seeded concerns regarding confrontation with their employer. While it may be uncomfortable to voice an opinion, you must admit that your discomfort comes as a result of the District and how they treat others. It is understandable that you don't want to be in the District's crosshairs. No one wants that unique experience.

This blog has been a powerful forum. While many of you have expressed appreciation for its existence, it exists for no other purpose than to bring about change in the District. The change we have in mind is purely positive.

We want district management to stop conducting business in the shadows. We want district management to treat employees in a manner that respects everyone for who they are and what they contribute. We want district management to be held accountable for their actions without casting blame on others. We want district management to stop expanding their ranks with people who lack talent and experience. We want an end to the dumbing down that has been taking place whenever the opportunity presents itself. Most of all, we seek the appropriate use of public funds.

Spending money wisely means hiring the best and brightest. When they don't apply, seek them out. Spending money wisely means inspiring staff to work hard toward a common purpose. Singling people out for abuse only creates an atmosphere of distrust and hatred. Spending money wisely means following adopted board policy. Earlier board members developed and adopted policies to help guide the District and those policies should be followed even when it might be a little uncomfortable.

The District has changed a lot since 2004. What used to happen quietly, behind closed doors, now happens out in the open without regard for what others might think. There is no threat of detection and no consequence for the abuse of power. When challenged, district management claims they are doing a noble business and are above reproach. The time for meaningful change is now.

Attend the town hall meeting at Brier Terrace Middle and support our efforts with your presence. You do not have to speak out, there will be others that will do so. Our state senators need to know that we care about our district, that we care about our teachers and staff and, most importantly, we care about our children and the future of our community.


Anonymous said...

That tandem between the wharehouse and Human Resources must resign immediately.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great entry. I was moved to tears.

Anonymous said...

Justice. Fairness. Basic American values. That's all I've ever asked of anyone who works for or with the District. Is that so much?

Anonymous said...

Sick leave is up Tracy " Penney" how about leaves? Hr, how many can 1 person have? Remember you discipline others for less! I'm watching super close on this one "DEBBY CARTER" & CATHY BIRDSANG" Its only fair.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick,
Please come out of your shell. I need to see you. I want to look in your eyes. I want to know what pain looks like.

Anonymous said...

A well written article; it touches on the issues I experienced with the district, which forced me into retirement and poverty. Their actions have made my life a living hell, after 28 years of loyal service. The only solace I receive is when former students and parents make contact with me and share their stories about the relationships I had with them. Just yesterday, I ran in to a parent and her two boys, now ages 21 and 23; I got hugs from these guys, just as I did when they were in elementary school, and it made my day!! Thank goodness for good people and memories. I worked under 5 Superintendents, and have never seen the like of the present administration, which is so sad not only for employees but for the kids who will never have these memories except for the wonderful teachers who give them the necessary tools to grow up to be good, kind, caring and well
educated citizens. I urge every reader of the blog to attend the Town Meeting on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Most of the stories/articles written on the Weblog are about Marla Miller; does she run the District? I certainly hope that Nick will have the decency to show up at the Town Hall meeting and face the public and taxpayer's who pay his salary and speak to the many issues of concerned citizens. After all, he is the SUPERINTENDENT, not Marla Miller!
He allows her to run over him and he needs to stand up and listen to the public; this is his job! TIME FOR YOU TO STEP UP TO THE PLATE, NICK!

Anonymous said...

We all know who runs the district. Nick is just a stand in for Marla so people will think they really have a someone in office with the Supt. title. By the way where is Nick no one has seem him for days does Marla have him tied up somewhere?

Their is no way that Tracy can have any leave hours left. Please tell me that she does not! In HR they don't use leave hours the way we peons have to. Other supervisors make sure the worker bees complete the necessary paper work but anyone else can be on paid time. You do know that exempt employees only need to work 4 hours a day and then can leave and still be on paid time. They don't get paid overtime so maybe in HR everyone is exempt?

Power to the employees of the Edmonds School District.