Friday, February 29, 2008

For the times, they are a-changin?

From: Mark Zandberg []
Sent: Wednesday, February 20, 2008 8:04 AM
To: Christina Siderius
Subject: Edmonds School District


Lynn Thompson had mentioned that you have taken over her reporting area, which includes the Edmonds School District. I am not sure if you are already aware of what has been going on in the District. There is the official position and then a series of stories we are investigating on the blog at

The blog is primarily focused upon the facilities side of the organization, which through questionable practices, has reduced the financial stamina of the District and weakened organizational priorities which ultimately impact the education of children.

There was also a story on King 5 last week that touched lightly on one of the many topics
the blog has been investigating.

I also wanted to let you know that a town hall meeting is planned for Brier Terrace Middle School this Saturday at 1:00 PM. This meeting will be an opportunity for our district community to formally request an objective investigation into the climate and conduct at the Edmonds School District.

Welcome to our neck of the woods.

Mark Zandberg

Hi Mark, thanks for the note. This is literally my sixth day working up here, so I'm in a bit of a whirlwind of new faces and issues at the moment... however, I'm interested in your blog and plan to set aside some time to give it a good look. Let me know how the Saturday meeting goes.

Christina Siderius
Seattle Times Reporter
p: 425-745-7813 e:
Continuous news at

Things that make you say "Hmm":
1. Lynn Thompson had been receiving updates from the blog, but did nothing other than claim there were a few inaccuracies.
2. Marla Miller claimed Lynn Thompson as a friend, until she ran the story about spending $18,000 for senior year.
3. King 5 ran their story on February 11th and within days, Lynn Thompson had been relocated to another bureau.


Anonymous said...

Its like you kiss me I kiss you.
I think that kinda stuff happens at the warehouse.
Its funny then you see it happen.

Its the law of life.
I just can't get myself to kiss that special person.
I think its managments time to do a little kissing.

Anonymous said...

Dear lynn,
I wish you were still here for me. I need some help with this guy. He looks at me funny.
Marla super Boss of all Time.
PS. good luck with the hog farm.

Anonymous said...

Look, listen And learn. Just look what happend at boeing. Their jobs went overseas.

Listen to what our leaders are saying " we did nothing wrong" Marla Miller.

Listen what Nick has Said "Nothing".

Learn what lieing will do for you. It will catch up with you sometime in the future.

The future is now for some of these crooks and lazy cowards.

This pain will never stop if this blog stays afloat.
Just wait for some future elections.