Friday, February 15, 2008

More goose-stepping from the local rag.

The following letter appeared in the Edmonds Beacon.

Bus barn relocation
Editor:We at the Edmonds School District understand a news report aired Monday evening questioning the purchase price the school district paid for the property where our bus transportation and maintenance services will be relocated.You may recall that two weeks ago, we sent all staff and parents of our district a letter explaining the facts about this purchase. This letter is available to read on the district’s website at Please share it with other community members who may have questions.

If anyone wishes to ask questions specifically about the purchase, please contact Marla Miller by calling (425) 431-7036 or by email at

Laurie Parker
Edmonds School District

It would stand to reason that if something was entirely false, there would be no reason to run an ad indicating as much. If someone suggested that the Superintendent was actually a Martian, there wouldn't be a news release refuting this claim. If someone suggested that the ESC is made of green cheese, there wouldn't be a news release refuting this claim.

Why would the Edmonds School District spend so much time and energy denying something that is true for no other reason than to divert attention away from the people giving public money to their friends.


Anonymous said...

My bird has higher standards for his excrement and avoids letting the Beacon catch any of it.

Anonymous said...

No one has mentioned that the highly effective transportation manager has let it be known he will retire before he moves to the new site because it’s a lousy location and he does not want to deal with the inevitable complaints from the neighbors. Easy access to key thoroughfares will be lost and the traffic, noise and bus exhaust will annoy the residents.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but who cares about the residents? They're just dumb ole taxpayers anyway. Marla could you please say goodbye to the Edmonds school district?