Saturday, February 16, 2008

Public servants should accommodate the public.

The Edmonds School District school board follows Robert’s rules at their meetings. They strictly adhere to their agenda where time for comments from the public is scheduled at the end of each meeting. Each person is limited to 5 minutes.

Tuesday night, after the King 5 broadcast informing the public of the District’s decision to purchase land for the New Support Center at 70% more than its value, several citizens went to the meeting. They left shortly after they were informed they would have to wait up to 3 hours to address the Board. Many went away angry.

A meeting agenda is not written in stone. A few years back I attended a couple of my own city’s council meetings as there was an issue that concerned me. I was not alone; the board room was packed with my neighbors. A council member made a motion to change the order of the agenda to accommodate the public. It was seconded, and passed. We were placed next on the agenda and we began to address the council. Another motion was passed to continue discussion of the topic at the next board meeting since everyone had not had their chance to speak.

This is how a body of elected officials behaves when they take their constituents seriously and are interested in their concerns. They did not use the agenda as a shield or an evasive tactic to avoid uncomfortable questions or the ire of those they serve. Would it not make sense for the school board to do the same?

Editorial: Thank you to Claire Olsovsky for this contribution.


Anonymous said...

These are the people that bought the $15,000 espresso machine? Well, your Marla Miller just gave away 153 such espresso machines and didn't even get a round of coffees for staff.

Anonymous said...

The Edmonds School District Board and Marla have repeatedly told us nothing wrong was done. If this is the truth, you have nothing to hide. Why didn't they answer the citizen questions? When you have nothing to hide you can face any and all things with your head held high. I can't help but to keep wondering as I reflect on the news story from King 5, are we missing something? I feel that there is a vital part of this story that has been left out. Why would you allow the seller of the property to get an appraisal that they are happy with? If you are the buyer, you are always looking for the best deal. I can't imaging going into a department or any store and asking the sales clerk to sell me an item for more that it is worth on the sale's rack. I can not help but smell a rotten stinking rat in this deal. Who profitted from this deal? The Edmonds School District taxpayers and the students certainly did not. What is really sad, is that this group will have the nerve to come an ask the taxpayers for more money to operate schools.

Marla, and the Edmonds School District Board, it is time for you to step down, before the Edmonds School District is closed down for a lack of students and money.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget they are also asking us, the taxpayers, to fund more debt so they can continue to squander. Send a message - vote no on the upcoming levy and tell your neighbors to join you!

Anonymous said...

I just received my Real Estate tax statement from Snohomish County for 2008; I am taxed over $800 for the Edmonds School District. When I called the Assessor's office, I was informed that senior citizen's can be exempt from certain levies (Tax exemptions, Levy rates) if their income is below $35,000. If interested in relief from inappropriate spending by the Edmonds School District, please call The Assessor's Office at 425-388-3433, or 1-800-562-4367, ext. 3433. They will send you the necessary forms to complete and you may ask for relief from prior years as well. The website is

Anonymous said...

What might also be concluded is that there is no right or wrong with Marla - she is amoral. She operates independently from the rest of us because she has no equals and we are beneath her notice. At least, until we start asking questions and must be beaten down or driven out.