Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Son comes to the defense of his mother.

Mr. Zandberg, is there possibly a hint of bias in this story or not? It seems to me that you are focused primarily on becoming a martyr, slain at the hands of the "pathetic" Marla Miller, the woman who acted in perfect parallel with the expectations of her position and with the complete support of the elected officials at every turn.

Its rather obvious to me what is going on here. One doesn't need to go far in order to find a crowd throwing curses to the wind about our government's injustices. First they faked the lunar landing, then they burned down the twin towers, followed by an invasion of Iraq for no sake other than oil, and now they are throwing taxpayer's money into the hands of property owners because the district wants to have as small of a budget as they can.

If this is really coming down to name calling, why has it been left unsaid that the flag waving martyr who has been the catalyst for the entire ordeal is not really the victim he wishes to be portrayed as?

I would just like to point out that if the $6,000 that was spent putting out a newsletter is an injustice against the taxpayers, one should consider the expenses that have been a direct result of this investigation and the complaints raised by the man who seems only to want more hits on his blog.

[Mark Zandberg]
Blog hits are very important. It is like counting children and forecasting enrollment in a capital facilities plan. Of course, unlike the District, I am not paid by the state for the number of hits I receive. And unlike the District, I care about numbers and pay attention to where they are heading.

Hits also indicate the number of "children" coming to "class". It doesn't mean that actual learning takes place. The children may have been sent to class without breakfast. They may come from an abusive or dysfunctional family. They may be suffering under incredibly low salaries paid to their parents who are custodians or teachers in the District. There may also be a couple of trust fund babies that show up without any educational priorities or objectives whatsoever.

Clearly, the only way you could possibly get your information on this topic is from your mother, who is paid by the District, or from reading the blog, which clearly threatens that paycheck. If there was a bias to be had, I think you understandably have it.

Editorial: Nothing pulls tears from my ducts faster than a son protecting his mother.


Anonymous said...

Until Derek becomes a productive member of society (i.e. a taxpayer), I don't think he's qualified to pass judgement on the waste of almost $3 million by his mother. This is only the tip of the iceberg; did she also tell you she was in charge of the bookkeeper who embezzled almost $1 million? Who's accountable and responsible for that? Mark Zandberg?

Anonymous said...

Absolutely no intended sarcasm. This what might be considered "a teachable moment."

It is good to stand up for something you believe in. That is how a group of diverse ethnic and religious people came together to make the United States what it is.

But who will you stand for?

Will you stand up for the people who have had their jobs threatened by their supervisors in the district? Will you stand up for the people who know with certainty that using company computers to view pornography is wrong? Will you stand up for the students who have been threatened with inappropriate and probably illegal punishment by the principal? Will you stand up for the people who work in the district, who NEED this job, but have a hard time stomaching the poor management and behaviors that they see around them which go unchecked and unpunished while those same supervisors continue to get pay increases out of proportion to you?


Will you stand for those who will lie or destroy documents rather than admit their shortcomings in order to consolidate their power and keep their jobs? Will you stand with those who threaten subordinate workers instead of following The Golden Rule that says you should treat others the way you want to be treated yourself? Will you stand with those who use the powers of the State to silence their critics out of fear that the critics know something that you don't want known, undermining the very foundations of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States (redress of grievances)? Will you stand with those who provide commerce to their friends and associates rather than spend the public capital wisely? Will you stand with people who allow workers to use company computers to view pornography?

Martyrdom. "Extreme sacrifice," my dictionary says. It is an extreme sacrifice to endure "the treatment" in silence; it is an extreme sacrifice to stand up and say "No," and be fired for your troubles; it surely can also be an extreme sacrifice to be responsible for your actions and accept the consequences of those actions or, in some cases, the lack of action.

Convictions and a good moral compass. Don't leave home without 'em. But don't expect that your boss is looking at the same compass.

Class dismissed.

ESD15.org said...

That was a very well-written comment.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

To Class dismissed: I have your back who ever you are, or where ever you live. We are one now, so " LETS ROLL".
I will not stand for this BS! I will Keep'on speading the news of this blog all over.
We all must hold power accountable!