Saturday, January 19, 2008

A den of vipers and thieves.

Funny thing about real estate, the government always takes first chair when it comes to collecting on a debt. If you obtain a mortgage and then refuse to pay your taxes, the government can take your home to settle your debt.

Mortgage companies get quite irritated and frequently become panic-stricken and irrational when a federal lien is filed on property they financed. Essentially, the feds take their crack at the asset and the leftovers are used to settle the mortgage.

Now, what happens if an individual gets a check from a school district that does not belong to him? The recipient apparently went through the motions of claiming that he intends to repay the money, it is just a matter of getting the money together.

Is the District actually planning to recover some of the $40,000? Certainly not. This conversation between Arnie Tucker and Marla's deputy has no real substance. It is a dog and pony show - nothing more. The auditors might appreciate seeing letters traded between friends but they were manufactured to maintain the illusion of financial responsibility. The time for financial responsibility is when competitively bidding such a purchase. These silly letters give the false impression that the District is looking out for the public - when in fact it was management's scheme in the first place that resulted in all of this free money for friends.

Mr. Tucker just sold his condo on January 11th, 2008 for $289,950.00. He had one lien against it for $20,000.00 from the Boeing Employee's Credit Union. That would suggest that his net on this property was more than $250,000.00. (Real estate agents normally work for a commission. Maybe Arnie paid his with pianos.)

For a man that claimed he was just trying to get some money together, he certainly wasn't looking very hard. But then, your contractual relationship was with Seattle Piano Gallery and, of course, they don't appear to own this condo.

Editorial: Isn't that a very lovely piano? I wonder where Mr. Tucker bought such a beautiful instrument.


Anonymous said...

Is it Marlas, game to get away with this. Where is our top dog in this problem "Nick the quick" is he as dumb as he looks? Where is Marlas cents in all this, I think its in her purse where shes lining her pockets before she gets fired. Taking moneys from the kids, Someone say something please.

Anonymous said...

It appears most roads lead to Marla. I've the impression that our School Board are simply status seekers and are really not qualified to take those seats. Marla controls their information source(s) and they approval stamp whatever she tells them to. Nick, I'm afraid, will never be of any use in making necessary changes because he values his salary far too much and the position of figurehead but wields no real power. Even if he were to attempt to exercise any assumed power Marla would have the School Board cut his throat. It would take real courage, integrity and compassion on his part to do what we all know must really be done but I do not think he has it in him. Where is his vital support to come from if he chooses to attack the cancer where it grows? An outside source needs to be found. Auditors don't seem to be of much use, either, simply children who are easily intimidated and manipulated by Marla and her choice of what is offered as explanation for any of their easily satisfied questions. She even is able to dismiss them individually by complaint and ensure they do not return if they get "too close" (Janie).

Anonymous said...

Nick only cares about Nick; it's in his best interest to minimize disruption and give the public appearance that all is well in the Edmonds School District.

He'll simply move somewhere else and we'll get another yes man!

Unless the superintendent is directed by the school board (who gets directed by the taxpayers) to clean house, the same waste and abuse of power will persist. But they are too busy stroking their own and each other's ego to do the right thing.