Monday, January 14, 2008

Legal advice can be helpful if you decide to take it.

The server at Perkins Coie happened upon the two stories below. Maybe Perkins didn't know that the board wanted the new administration site and asked Marla to negotiate. It stands to reason that if Perkins told Marla directly, that they didn't believe the District should buy the contaminated site, maybe they are seeking to understand how the District decided to buy it anyway.

I see a legal argument developing here. If Marla was told by consultants, co-workers, appraisers and legal counsel to not buy the site and then the school board told her to move forward with the purchase, what is she supposed to do?

So, the board has to accept full responsibility for buying a contaminated landfill and they have to accept that they sent one of their minions into a negotiation that couldn't end well. But the end game is that district voters are even more convinced of something they already suspected - the board is full of dim-witted imbeciles - and Marla gets to save face and assign responsibility everywhere else.

There you have it. Congratulations.

The only down side is that everyone already knows that most boards are full of uninformed know-nothings and that they rely heavily on the advice and guidance of staff that should know a little something about what they are paid to do. Clearly, Marla must have forgotten to tell the board that everyone was opposed to the purchase.

I take it back. There isn't an argument that protects Marla from the responsibility of sharing the advice of expensive consultants, appraisers and legal counsel.

01:37:13 PM More from the District's legal team.
01:37:13 PM Board wanted site. Marla just negotiated.

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