Saturday, January 12, 2008

Server updates from Friday morning.

Don't be alarmed, but I run server inquiries on a regular basis to check who might be reading the blog and what pages they read. This is done in part to determine what story lines are of interest to the District and their legal counsel.

For instance, an IP address normally used by jlutz at Perkins Coie read an article at 8:47 AM that covered attorney client information. I find it humorous that Perkins discouraged the purchase of the new administration site and yet when Marla bought it anyway, I am being accused of having revealed protected information.

I find it a little bewildering that someone from Nick Brossoit's alma mater would be interested in reading the blog. Unless it was Nick himself and he was either at PLU when he read the blog, or has internet access through some sort of relationship there.

I also find it rather peculiar that when a Professional-Technical employee has a real estate license and works in the industry, legal claims there is some sort of conflict and yet the superintendent teaches at Seattle University. Of course, Manuel Juzon also teaches. Is that one of those board policies that is entirely open to interpretation and applied whenever it suits management or their legal counsel?

Time (EST) IP Address
12:37:19 PM (
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11:47:15 AM (

Editorial: For those of you who might be worried that your comments may be tracked back to you through IP address mining, don't worry. The data is protected and the domain is entirely outside of any District influence. All server information is periodically cleansed to protect your identities.

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Anonymous said...

What is Nick teaching? Brossoit's version of ethics?