Saturday, January 12, 2008

Anonymous letter is no longer anonymous.

The matter of the anonymous letter has been resolved. As indicated in a previous entry, I mailed seven postcards from around the Seattle area and kept track of their starting positions and the postmarks that were stamped upon them.

When the postcards arrived, I carried them to a man that retired from 34 years in the postal service. After a brief evaluation of the postmarks, it was determined beyond a reasonable doubt that the source is within one block of Seattle's Department of Transportation.

The odds of Pat Shields, Gary Noble or any other "anonymous" member of the public mailing the letter from within a block of Susan Paine's place of employment is highly improbable.

We need more intelligent board members.


Anonymous said...

What did the postcards say?

Anonymous said...

Susan Paine shame on you. Not only are you professing to be a public servant, but display all of the characteristics of being a stalker. What is wrong with you? What are you afraid of?

Maybe the board should adopt a policy requiring a mental evaluation prior to the swearing in ceremenony. While we're at it, maybe a reading comprehension and ethics test should also be considered. said...

Funny question. Since the postcards were sent by me and intended to be delivered to me, I limited the content to the physical location where the postcard was mailed.

I seldom talk to myself and certainly wouldn't see any advantage to communicating with myself via the postal service.

Thanks for the question.

Anonymous said...

I want so badly for a board member to set up to the plate and protect the tax payers monies by doing the RIGHT thing. Make Nick, Marla and all their sidekicks be accountable for what is happening in our district. Our district is going down the toilet and none of them care. The moral is crap and none of them care. They sit in their big offices and collect the big check while scamming the taxpayers and our board is just a guilty. God where is your since of respectibilty and accountability to the students/staff/taxpayer?? Do none of you have values or morals? I am so a shame of our district right now. I won't tell anyone that it is a good place to work or live. We really do have as&hx$es running our district!