Sunday, January 20, 2008

Let's work together to make a better District.

There was a time when parents and staff could just visit the Edmonds School District's website and click on a link to get the freshest news about the latest activities in the District. One could characterize such a feature as the promulgation of propaganda, but alas, it is an efficient method of getting those heart-warming stories out to your "adoring" public.

Why not take the time and effort of updating your website with stories, meaningful or otherwise? The District hungers for information and they may become inclined to seek it out on their own. They could stumble upon news that isn't entirely in the District's control or, quite frankly, doesn't maintain the administration's iron grip. People could land at and achieve enlightenment.

I am not opposed to random visitors reading the blog, but in all fairness, people that like easily-digested drivel may appreciate an updated district site. The last entry was more than four months ago and involved the placement of pinwheels.

Of course, times are tough and money is in short supply (both of these topics are covered at length in the blog) but please throw a few silly stories our way. If your budget lacks the capacity or Community Relations lacks the talent, I would be willing to offer a direct link to the blog.

We should all be seeking the same thing and the blog is actively advocating for the positive changes that are desperately needed.

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Anonymous said...

Change, we need our so called leaders, to change. How about a walk out. That would help make change. How about this Monday?