Monday, January 14, 2008

Writer's strike causes ten day hiatus.

Many of you have been writing in to the blog expressing concern about the lack of entries from January 1 until January 10, 2008. In fact, some of you went so far as to suggest the District shut us down. Just how that would happen, I cannot imagine. Have you been reading the blog? Can you imagine a scenario that involves the District's legal team pulling the plug on our public forum? This blog is an instrument for change and though the District may be opposed to change, they cannot stop a force for good.

The short hiatus was due to a small disagreement with my writing staff. They caught wind of all of the money that can be made in residual payments when this blog is eventually launched into syndication. They wanted a piece of the action and demanded to have their issues addressed under threat of a strike. I tried to convince them that the blog is not driven by money and that I would never relinquish control to corporate fat cats seeking to control the movie rights. My writers didn't believe me and staged a short walk out.

Fortunately, I know my writers. I know they love the smell of Krispy Kreme doughnuts in the morning and cannot resist the call of freshly-brewed All City Coffee. It was only a matter of time before they had to get back to writing.

Sorry for the lapse in coverage and thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement.

Mark Zandberg
Executive Director of Blog Content Development

Editorial: Seriously, because I cannot lie to you, I was caught up in a few investigations and strategic planning that took up a lot of my time. There was also a couple of days of the sniffles and I didn't want to drip on my keyboard.


Anonymous said...

Oh darn, I was hoping that "they" came and handcuffed you and took you away only to be grilled by a good cop and a bad cop. Now that would be fun! said...

Maybe Marla could send her friends at the Edmonds Police Department to my house. If they are so quick to delete a no trespass order, perhaps she could convince them that I am on a terrorist watch list.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and we could ask you about body probes and look for implanted homing devices.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry. Patrick Shields has taken up the surveillance duty. A set of binoculars, a guilty conscience, and questionable ethics is all he needs!