Monday, January 14, 2008

A system of checks and balances.

The District celebrates.

Not to blow our horn, but wouldn't it be a hoot to be nominated for all of the great things that the blog is doing on a daily basis? A newly emerging system of checks and balances. Every great form of government has such a system. Isn't it worth celebrating?

When something stinks - we say so. When board members "modernize" - we point it out. When the superintendent lies to cover a friend's arse - we draw attention to it. When questionable land transactions are pieced together without regard for public funds - we write about it. When administrators are gifted huge raises (Oops, I meant "given") - we cover it.

Just look through the long list of great stories of the past and imagine the board refusing to acknowledge the impact of the blog.

Of course, don't use your own name. You would just be declaring your loyalty to the blog and may be subject to harassment, discrimination and eventual termination.
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Anonymous said...

I noticed recently that an employee involved in my story at the District had been "celebrated" three months after matters came to a head and shortly before leaving their job. Wonder who "nominated" them. Perhaps a "fellow traveler."