Sunday, January 13, 2008

District seeking documents from former employee.

I received this from opposing counsel last week. Let me know if you want to discuss.

Though the District doesn't know what documents I have, this one I kept because it was a friendly letter from Marla, which is a very rare thing to obtain. I put it in my references file, along with a few other friendly letters that you have in my file there.

I am not a public agency and not obligated to reveal or provide documents that were sent to me. Do they want my pay stubs? Holiday cards sent from others? Just what limits would be placed on this request.

They have all of my email stored on their servers. They are welcome to dig through them and use what they like.

Opposing counsel emailed me to follow up on the District's request for return of docs. I told counsel to be more specific about what the District thought you possessed and what it wanted back. I told them, though, that I'd ask you to return the one specific letter referenced in its request (the friendly letter from Marla). Would you mind mailing to me, and I will forward to oppo counsel.

Here is that email message.


Anonymous said...


I have learned very valuable lessons from reading your blog, but perhaps you might want to do a separate entry called "Things I Learned During This Process."

You could include the various lessons that ALL of us at ESC can learn. Lessons like:

1. Your email is not your email. Even when you print out an email of praise from a supervisor, that paper is not yours to keep. It is district property and must be returned.

2. You may keep NO personal files, copies of resumers, images, sounds, songs, or ideas on your district computer. Nothing. No screen savers of your kids, no images of your significant other, nothing. If you do, you are misusing district resources. ESD employees are to immediately purge their laptops of anything personal.

3. After your leave the district's employment, you are still subject to their whims. You may not work for other agencies whose interests may conflict with the district, nor can you take any lessons learned or information processed with you when you go. The ESD will determine who you can work for, even after they terminate your employment.

4. All administrators at ESD are evil, with the exception of Ken Limon, who is, I believe, the only administrator NOT mentioned on the blog so far.

5. If your boss' name is Marla or Manny, quit now. It won't end well.

6. If you download porn onto a district computer, watch it during the day. No one will find it.

Any more to add??

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. I kept several flattering documents expressing gratitude for good service, sent via email, to me during my years of service at the District along with copies of all of my performance evaluations. I have, and will continue to use them in my portfolio. They are a genuine reflection of the impact my work had on others as they were spontaneous and unsolicited.

Do you want copies of these too Duncan?

Anonymous said...

Am I the brother of Marla?

Anonymous said...

Apparently, if it was created by, received by, or moved through a District computer, the District thinks it belongs to them. Do they want the porn, too? And how 'bout the Viagra solicitations (and worse) that started to appear in our inboxes after the District "enhanced" it's security a couple of years ago after the last technology levy. I had never received any of this type of solicitation on my District account until this "enhancement." Has anybody been reprimanded for having these solicitations on their computer? Can the tech people find it?