Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She only shares what she wants to share.

We have come to a very sad day in education. It would seem that the Supt Staff has used this institution of learning as a means of getting power for themselves. The morale of the Edmonds School District is at an all time low. Some want to blame Nick, but remember Marla has been running the district for a long, long time, and you know what? We have allowed this to happen. Marla loves power and she thrives on it. She loves intimidating people and there has been no one in the Edmonds School District to stop her. People say that Nick is at fault. I would ask that you look at who and where Nick gets his information. Marla is the holder and the supplier of all the information in the district. No one, and I mean no one gets information, unless it comes through her. So ask yourself this question: Is Nick getting the truth about the affairs of the Edmonds School District? I would say no. Marla is only going to share what she wants shared.

Now let's face another thing. The School Board is the worst I have ever seen, and Marla loves that, because it allows her to retain power. I would doubt very seriously that Marla likes Nick, but he is in charge as far as the position, but we all know that Marla is in charge. So be very careful when you ask that Nick resign, because your good old school board will appoint Marla to take over the position, until someone is found. This is exactly what Marla wants. People, I beg you to really think about this situation and push towards getting Marla to resign. It might take a petition, but something needs to be done. This is a cancer that is spreading very rapidly with a death rate that is spiraling out of control.

I will say this: There are a lot of us in the district that have been mistreated by Marla, and like Mark I do not want a lawsuit for money, but a lawsuit for justice. Marla needs to be stopped from destroying people because she is totally controlled by the need and greed for power.

So once again I beg of you, please let's get legal help to remove Marla. I am sure that there are a lot of us with documents to support how Marla has been unfair. Can we get them all together and go to the Governor for help in removing Marla. I think if the taxpayers and the governor saw some of the documents that some of us hold from Marla, they would be surprised, and I think that Nick would be even more surprised.

We can make a difference if we join hands and work together to regain the Edmonds School District #15 as an institution of learning that stand proud with it's head held high in respect.

Editorial: Thank you again, to another contributor.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, there will be a lawsuit for money soon........ & if you think Nicks not getting info from Marla. Then thats Nicks Fault. Sorry Nick its time to pee.

Anonymous said...

President of her retirement club, that is. This is well presented and painfully true but how do we organize such a thing? I have to agree with mr soon - lawsuits for damages should be forthcoming; harassment and abuse are not morally or civilly legal! How else will these people be "forced" to learn about justice and the fair treatment of people!

Anonymous said...

I am curious to know what steps must be taken as a tax payer and former employee to get the "ball rolling" to remove dis-honest employees such as Marla Miller. She should be placed on unpaid Administrative Leave while an investigation is conducted, but how does this happen?