Saturday, January 12, 2008

Boy, was I wrong about Arnie Tucker.

It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I was wrong. I thought Arnie Tucker was taking a bunch of dim-witted District managers for a ride when all along, it was the District playing the man like a fiddle. Oops, I mean piano.

Read Exhibit 1, where Manny Juzon tries to take back money that was paid to Arnie Tucker in support of this questionable lease that was clearly intended to avoid competitive bidding practices. It is no coincidence that the dollar figure is just a few dimes less than the mandatory required threshold of $40,000 for competitive bidding procedures - and this guy teaches management for some online diploma mill in Missouri.

Then read the response from Arnie Tucker's lawyer. Notice the fact that his lawyer questions whether legal advice was sought in constructing this "lease agreement" and also his interesting use of the term "scheme". It is very clear that Marla and Manny hoped to avoid competitive bidding requirements and were fully expecting to exploit a small company just trying to make a buck. I am not so sure I like District managers financially screwing businesses on behalf of the taxpayer. The rules are intended to protect everyone.

Then you have to take a look at the actual invoice that Marla and Manny claim is false. It isn't "false" but it does show the effort they exerted to keep the dollar amount just under $40,000.00.

There is nothing honorable about this transaction. In fact, there is nothing honorable about the conduct of District managers putting this deal together and going out of their way to avoid legally-required processes.

There is an absolute failure of leadership at every level. The board didn't know what they were looking for when they hired Nick Brossoit and he has absolutely no understanding of the operations side of the house. This gives seasoned schemers every opportunity to hatch questionable transactions for the benefit of themselves and their cronies.

I am disgusted.


Anonymous said...

And at least you are man enough - and professional enough - to admit it. If only district administrators could take the same medicine. Well done sir.

PS: I am more disgusted. What does KING TV think?

Anonymous said...

Very disturbing, but not surprising. Like you said, it shows the deceit and incompetence of Manny, Marla, and Tam.

I wonder how Duncan will justify this. said...

Do not bother to ask Duncan that question. He works for the District and will tell you to seek legal advice elsewhere.

Odd how our money supports the District and yet we are not entitled to receive the results of a legal opinion for which we collectively paid.