Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Sixty thousand page views and climbing.

Considering the topic of discussion, we have quite a profound amount of traffic. We are not running a campaign for the democratic nomination or handling consumer complaints for Ford. We are just a small blog advocating for the appropriate use of public funds in a shrinking school district.

There are currently 270 posts. Sixty thousand translates into 222 page views per entry. Which means that each entry was viewed, on average, 222 times. Of course, we started off a little slow back in June and July of 2007 and the page views were substantially lower. Gradually, over time, the page views have been climbing.

The 270 posts also translates to roughly one entry per day. We try to keep our site fresh and active. No web trickery with the background color changing each time someone loads the site. No kid art shuffling across the page. Just the facts. Which is a lot more than you will ever get from the District.

Of course, 60,000 page views couldn't have been possible without the support and contributions from our readers. Thank you.

Mark Zandberg
Executive Director of Blog Content Development

: The WHO estimates that 60,000 people die from sun exposure every year. $60,000 is also what the District pays a budget analyst with a Master's degree in Public Administration, which is the same salary they pay for clerical support in Planning & Property Management.


Anonymous said...,
Can you tell me how much money the district saved by the cuts they did last year. " like job cuts, layoffs and cut hours" and can you tell me what Dept got cut the most, or where I can get that info please.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Is there a prize for being the actual 60,000th visitor? A tour of the office, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the lay-offs and "cuts", didn't save the District any money at all, they simply gave raises to the "upper crust" employees; most readers of the Blog know who they are. said...

District administrative salaries will be posted shortly. A distinctive line will appear between upper and lower crust.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

cut to give to the upper class!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the posting of salaries! WTG!!!

Anonymous said...

More critical might be the point at which some of those salaries were handed out. The district was not terribly sensitive to those who were impacted by the cuts.

Anonymous said...

While we're waiting for the updated salary info, you can see 2006 salary info for the entire district here:

Wish I made half as much as Marla...

Anonymous said...

Wish I made half as much as Debbie Jakala. Give me a break! A manager salary for a mouthpiece with no conscience or ethics? How does she sleep at night?

Probably by taking lessons from Nick and Marla on how to cope with the peons.