Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How much of human life is lost in waiting.

Dear Mr. Zandberg,

I am the project manager for Evergreen Solutions’ part of the Yellow Book Audit of the ten largest school districts in Washington State. We at Evergreen are under contract to Cotton & Co., a CPA firm from Alexandria, VA. Cotton & Co. is under contract to the State Auditor’s Office in Washington State for this work.

At the present time, Cotton & Company and Evergreen Solutions are preparing a draft report for submission to the State Auditor’s Office, covering all ten districts. The SAO, after its review, will then conduct individual reviews of the applicable draft findings with each school district. A Final Report covering all ten districts will be prepared once all of this work has been accomplished. It is my understanding that only after a Final Report has been officially approved by the SAO for publication, it will become available to the general public. I know that no one is permitted to release any information, in whole or in part, until such time.

Tom Martineau, R.A., NCARB, LEED AP
Senior Manager
Evergreen Solutions LLC
2852 Remington Green Circle
Suite 101
Tallahassee FL 32308
850.383.0111 office
850.339.1292 mobile


Anonymous said...

So the State Auditor doesn't do the audits; they are contracted out. Well, at least the money is only going as far as Virginia, not India or China.

Anonymous said...

They're too busy over there making our childrens lead based paint lunch boxes, to do that work.

Anonymous said...

So the State auditor can't even do their job! thats nice.

Anonymous said...

Is this the yearly State Audit, or is this the Special Performance Audit from last fall done over the internet on the top ten School Districts in Washington State? Please clarify.

ESD15.org said...

The latter.

Anonymous said...

An audit over the internet? Isn't that sorta like researching through a database when only a limited amount of information is placed in the database?

Anonymous said...

Marla can't quite figure out where the missing docs are in the "Piano Scam". Helloooooooooo! They never existed. Stop lying.