Saturday, March 15, 2008

"Life is to be, to do, to do without, and to depart."

I wanted to let you know that Donovan Bray, our Network Supervisor, will be leaving our district. Donovan has been offered a great opportunity to work as Senior Developer for a private company, so please join me in wishing him the best.

Donovan and I will be working on a transition plan over the next two months. During this time, I will be working quickly to find us another well qualified Network Administrator. If you have any input into the process, it would be appreciated.

Cynthia Nelson

Editor: All the best in your new pursuits and thank you sincerely for all of your help.


Anonymous said...

The last person who knows anything is now leaving the district. Now nothing will work.

Anonymous said...

Can I have my old phone back please? Its not funny anymore!
egg on someones face!

Anonymous said...

I am surprised the District (Cynthia) didn't offer Donovan more money to stay with the District; he is an invaluable employee. They gave Cynthia more $$ to stay, so why not for Donovan??

Anonymous said...

Let me check my messages and I'll call you back and leave a message. Just rememeber to check your messages often,so you can leave me a message soon. If you can't leave me a message by tomorrow, I'll call and leave a message with you. I have a few messages to check before I get underway. Now that I think about it,I will probably respond to a few of those messages by letting them know they can leave me a message anytime. This is pretty High Tech so leave me a message if you have any questions. Hey by the way, I did get a message about a week ago, to leave a message if I am still interested in message school.

Anonymous said...

But isn't he the same guy that had to be notified there were porn links on Edmonds School District server?

Anonymous said...

When Laura Barney (she was Laura Lewis at the time.)threaten to go to Mukilteo as their payroll manager, Doug Pierce (I'm sure with Marla's directions)gave her a huge raise and more responsibility (Payroll and benefits department manager)to keep her from leaving. It is a classic, who you know and not what you know.

Remember: Laura Barney, Cynthia Nelson and Manny Juzon have jobs at the Edmonds School District #15 for life. They do not need to know any thing about their jobs, never need to come to work everyday and they can bring their relatives and friends to work at higher wages than those who already work for the district in similar jobs. Must be nice.

Sad to think that our Public School System has become a part of the Crooked Political