Saturday, March 08, 2008

Clerical error may mislead recipients

Call me silly, but I noticed a subtle clerical error in the stationery used by Facilities Operations. Their letterhead refers to their department as "Facilities AND Operations".

There shouldn't be an "AND" between "Facilities" and "Operations". There are a lot of other "operations" that take place in the District that have nothing to do with this department.

Could someone alert the Print Shop, or is there a major merge under way?

Just trying to help.

Mark Zandberg
Executive Director of Blog Content AND Development


Anonymous said...

Who got the new grounds job?
This job goes to someone lucky.
the jobs goes to someone who knows that special someone.

How can these hiring practices go on, still?

Anonymous said...

...and Ed Peters should be to Director of Facilities Construction. This "Capital Projects" thing has to go.

Anonymous said...

500 pornographic images and their rightful owner must go.