Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Where have I heard that before?

Imagine a district manager that is so paranoid about the independent thought and opinions of others that she flies in a team of "bug-sniffers" from Arizona to sweep her office for any sort of listening devices. To assist these investigators, the manager sends a certain specialist to accompany them during the course of their inspection. Imagine the conversation that might have been had between the specialist and the visitors.

Imagine what a certain specialist might discover in watching the detection techniques of these contractors or the questions that may have been asked during their lengthy evaluation process. Imagine if one of the "bug-sniffers" actively informed a certain specialist as to methods that could be used to eavesdrop without being detected. Imagine if these "bug-sniffers" mentioned where equipment might be obtained to make the art of eavesdropping more successful and detection virtually impossible. Imagine the many advances that have been made in the realm of professional snooping.

Imagine if the employee that had all of this information in his head was the same person that tracked all of the keys in the ESC. Imagine if this employee was able to freely enter and exit the ESC without detection. Imagine the information that might be heard or recorded by someone equipped in such a manner.

Now, imagine if everything you just imagined wasn't imaginary?


Anonymous said...

What I love about this entry is that it is going to make the paranoid people at ESC even MORE paranoid!

What I hate about this entry is that the very paranoia that it mocks is going to ultimately mean that the paranoid people use even more of my tax money trying to ensure that there aren't any bugs.

But in the end its just so funny to imagine. Where is Peter Sellars when you need him????

Anonymous said...

Paranoia is a double edged sword.

When the bullying starts, fear and paranoia take over and people will not stand up to it. They are too afraid for their jobs to take the risk.

I'm glad that the other side could be feeling some of what was dished out to us. What comes around, goes around.

Anonymous said...

I know nothing of listening devices placed at ESC, but I smile about other sites.

Anonymous said...

When leaving a voice mail for a senior management official at ESC asking for policy clarification, I inadverdently left on my speaker phone, while having a conversation with a co-worker. This manager called the next day, informing me of having heard all of our conversation and proceeded to threatened me with disciplinary action, because of mine and my co-workers comments of what we thought the correct policy should be. Can she legally use this against us, since this was a private conversation? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Probably just the usual intimidation tactics used by many supervisors in the Edmonds district. It would be interesting, however, to retain a lawyer and refer your supervisor to them if they try to talk about it.