Saturday, March 15, 2008

A "proclamation" to stick on your mother's refrigerator.

March 12, 2008

Dear Colleagues:

At last night's regular meeting of the Board of Directors, we recognized all classified employees. Truly, in any school system the work of all staff combines into programs and services which make a powerful and positive difference for students.

Please join us in recognizing the work of these valuable members of our district team. A proclamation from the Governor honoring these employees is attached.



P.S. Thank you for your hard work. A copy of a $100 bill is attached.


Anonymous said...

Damn funny. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Classified employees get very little appreciation/recognition despite the Governor declaring "Classified Recognition Week"; I know this after working
28 years as a Classified employee. The only "kudos" we get/got is from the kids and parents who express their appreciation for an act of kindness. These comments, notes, letters are priceless.

Anonymous said...

We as District employees must stand up to these criminals. If we don't. Our jobs will be at minimum wage in the future or just cut out of the buget.
In this last buget cut. NO cuts at the top but cuts at the bottom.

Anonymous said...

Almost every year there's a cut in the hours of our educational assistants. They're treated like disposable objects by the principal. They get lousy wages and are never sure of exactly how many hours they will work the following school year. How can anyone plan for their own future in a job like that?

Anonymous said...

In answer to the last question, "How do we plan our future" - The opinion of most administrators is "If you can't handle it , get out and work elsewhere". You are correct, Educational Assistants are not valued as they should be; they are so important to the welfare of students; they protect them on the playground from preditors, assist teachers in the classroom, deal with Special Ed kids with kindness and compassion, teach ESL kids how to learn the English language. I could go on and on. The current administration is looking out for themselves and their retirement/future. As I have said before, they don't work with kids and further more, don't give a damn!

Anonymous said...

Have you ever noticed that maintenance workers always are enjoying thier work. They love the fact that they are helping to provide a safe and secure place for the children of thier community to learn and grow. The actions of the school board and district administration in only mentioning classified staff at a board meeting only illustrates thier lack of appreciation for thier co-workers. The reason we don't get very excited about this situation is two fold, first, we love our careers and our contributions to our community, second, administrators come and go. Long after the current administration has left for greener patures we will still be here providing the best service in the state. So, from one classified staff member to all the other.......Great Job, the district couldn't do it without us.

Anonymous said...

How many classifieds can you get by firing a useless administrator and redirecting that salary into live bodies in the classroom?

I'd guess that one good classified is worth about four administrators. The problem is that we pay the classifieds so little that the good ones tend to not stay on very long.