Sunday, March 02, 2008

Patience and fortitude conquer all things.

A brief update for our blog readers.

First, I realize that the porn issue is important to cover. It demonstrates irrefutable proof that preferential treatment is being given to those working in the inner circle. I found it mildly entertaining that the District's law firm wanted to prove that I violated some internet use rules while I was a district employee, while all the while they protect a porn enthusiast using district connectivity, district hardware and district time to download inappropriate images. While it is important, the blog has a lot of other topics to cover and I cannot spend time filtering out every comment that makes mention of this issue.

Second, patience is the word of the day. The blog is starting to get the cart out ahead of the horse. We have made some real progress in exposing topics of concern and now we have to let the official process catch up. The State Auditor's report will be out between March and May. Once we see their conclusions in writing, we will know what path to take. There are a number of other entities waiting for the Auditor to draw a few conclusions before initiating further investigations.

The blog will continue to root out corruption wherever it hides. In the meantime, please spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers. I don't have $7,000 laying around to spend on a newsletter for parents. I just have this little website and a modest network of loyal readers that care about the District. If you can share this website with others, perhaps they will also challenge its contents, demand the highest level of credibility, and openly discuss strategies to improve our beloved school district.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mark Zandberg
Executive Director of Blog Content Development
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Anonymous said...

My question is how come this guy gets away with it and others don't?

Is it because he knows someone in Human Resources?


Is it because his wife works in Human Resources?

I guess all the above.

Anonymous said...

If you had porn on your work computer would you get fired?

So, lets say I have porn on my computer at work.
How can I get fired for that now.
What a mess!

Anonymous said...

Mark, Thank you for the update and message regarding the issues herein. I do believe the Porn issue is of great interest and disgusts most readers, but as you explained, there are other issues pending, and patience should be a virtue in all of us concerned readers. Your efforts are greatly appreciated and admired by the folks I have referred to the Weblog. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

The person that was caught with porn on his computer, the current Warehouse Supervisor also has another personality defect. He can't seem to control his temper. He has lost his composure (his words) many a time. The workers at the Warehouse are in fear for their safety, waiting for the day when this penney goes postal! watch your back people....

Anonymous said...

Support and readership on this blog come from many sources. What most of us want, and we do care about the District, is justice. This great and hugely important concept created for a civil, social group is violated daily and consistently by the powers which govern this District. Our hope is that by providing opinion and information with you we will eventually see change and return to a happy, healthy environment for all. Cheers to you, Mark.

Anonymous said...

He is in hot water, as evident in all his meetings over here this past week. What is going on over there? Somebody should pull the plug on this degenerate. Why don't you guys go to HR and talk to somebody? There has to be an avenue to take in regards to his anger. I can smell him from my desk. That is no joke.

Anonymous said...

You can't go to HR they won't do a thing. At least in the past they pushed wrhs. stuff under the rug. He will do himself in but does everyone have to suffer because no one that can do something will step up to the plate.

Anonymous said...

What was his injury the week before last? Could he not perform his duties because of a pulled muscle? How hard is that? I have never heard of such an attention whore in all my life. Just seems so cowardly.

Anonymous said...

It might make more sense to remove the first "E" from Warehouse.