Monday, March 17, 2008

It is not a sacrifice if you love what you're doing.

From time to time, we'll roll out a few emails from happier times at the District. For instance, here is a great piece of work characterizing the manner in which I contributed to the District. Mr. Harding may recall a conversation where I had asked Marla just exactly who she thought was covering my former supervisor's workload. She plunked her little thumb into her chest and quickly snatched up the credit.

Funny that she felt the need to take credit while at the same time hiring Mr. Young to take a little pressure off of my workload.

From: Miller, Marla (ESC)
Sent: Friday, March 24, 2006 10:01 AM
To: Young, Stephen (ESC); Zandberg, Mark (ESC)
Subject: Input on Priorities

Hi, Steve and Mark,

I can’t tell you how delighted I am that you two are working together on the multitude of tasks Mark has been juggling since Bret left. . . I’ve felt derelict in my ability to support Mark as he moves through them!

Just from my perspective (you may have more/other information that compels other priorities and I trust your judgment!), I’d ask if you could prioritize the following projects:

- Oak Heights sewer close-out issues (an update I can share tonight with Bill Heide would be appreciated!)
- 2004 Levy fencing project implementation
- Solution to Former Woodway High eastside rear access and overall site signage needs (keep in mind a name change for the site may be coming, but please don’t hold up the project for that – as you’ve already pointed out and planned, Mark, we just need to have signage that is easily changed out as the programs/names change)
- Evergreen Elementary signage

Mark, I also prepped the Board for the upcoming action item to purchase the easement on the Old Woodway Elementary site. Ready when we are!

Thanks tons for all you’re doing,



Anonymous said...

The warehouse supervisor must love what he is doing. That would be nothing. Saving all his energy, just getting himself positioned to do something good for somebody some day. PORN KING

Anonymous said...

Back when the Property Mgt dept was a dynamic place full of intelligent, proactive people you always felt that they were properly managing the properties. This was when Bret Carlstad was in charge. Now it is such an embarrassing shadow of its former self, unqualified socially inept people who are now in a higher salary bracket than those that preceded them. Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

Heather Mills and Marla Miller. Are they the same person? They have never been seen in the same room together. They have both taken people for millions. They never had any intentions of sincerity. They misrepresent the facts. Now if we could only finalize another set of divorce papers and send her on her way...

Anonymous said...

This email appears to reveal that you were doing the work of others. Consider yourself lucky to have been constructively terminated, otherwise it would have been an industrial accident.

Why send such an email? Isn't that a violation of District management practices? Rule #1: Praise no one in writing.