Monday, July 30, 2007

Where did I put that pesky cell phone?

It has been brought to my attention that I am somehow still reaping the benefit of a District cell phone account. Sure, I keep the District's phone on my hip so I can still get calls from developers and former co-workers asking where to find certain files. Maybe I get a thrill out of being ripped from my nightly slumber several times before dawn. Maybe I secretly wish for Technology to review my assigned telephone account and see the numbers of all of the powerful people with whom I communicate.

I don't have a District telephone and I don't have any need for a District telephone number. I value a full night's sleep and enjoy deciding when and with whom I communicate. Besides, the need for a District cell phone stopped when I was forbidden from communicating on behalf of the organization or offering constructive guidance. What other purpose would an employee have for a District telephone than to communicate on their behalf?

I would recommend someone talk to the Telecommunications Specialist. After all, that's where such devices are turned in.

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Anonymous said...

In the past, accounts payable and technology dept kept paying cell phone bills even if the person had left the district and the phone had been turned off. Possibly, the district is still getting billed so therefore, you MUST have the phone!

We also found a former music director still had use of a school district cell phone more than a year after he retired! Did they make the former-prominent-in-the-community-with-a-jazz-festival-named-after-him reimburse the district? Of course not. Isn't that a gift of public funds?

It gets better; the manager who replaced him and was getting the bills never questioned the payments! And what happened to him? We promoted him to HR!