Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Making requests for public records

For the many people who have asked about requesting public records, here is how it works. The District is still aware that they are a public agency and serve the public. Therefore, the District knows that when a member of the public wants to review something, they can request a copy. The copies, however, cost 10 cents a page, which is intended to offset the expense incurred by the District to make the requested copies.

It is always better to request the fewest number of pages, not to keep costs low but to reduce the amount of paper and the time processing the request. They are still public employees after all and their time should not be consumed with filling such requests.

You can also cite the relevant legal references, but since the District already knows that you are entitled to the information, you need not worry about making such a reference in your request.

All requests for public information should be addressed to the Public Records Designee, Marla Miller, and your requests may be sent via email, but the District will adhere to protocol and generate paper copies. The information is normally provided in 10 days and arrangements will have to be made to pay for the copies made. You should be willing to collect the copies at the front desk of the ESC and leave a check to cover the fees.

If you have any trouble getting copies of records, please let me know. I am always happy to render aid in such matters.


Anonymous said...

This information is a blessing. Thank You Mark. I feel like a greater force in my quest for a better education for my children. No way to measure the value of information like this.UR#1

Anonymous said...

Mark -

Are you going to publish the documents you requested and hopefully received? said...

It seems protocol may have changed. I just received a document (it was not the correct document) by way of email.