Saturday, July 21, 2007

Flying in the Bug-Sniffers

Shortly after one of many meetings between the custodial union and District 'leadership', paranoia took a foothold. It wasn't the sort of paranoia one encounters in their normal, everyday life. It wasn't the sort of paranoia that can be quickly explained and dismissed. The District was so bewildered by the use of one of their expressions - by their opponents - that they were convinced ESC offices were bugged. Not bugged as in full of cockroaches and other insects, but full of hidden listening devices.

Don't ask me where the District found the crusty old men they flew in from Arizona. I was just directed to meet them at the ESC one Saturday morning and escort them around the three offices selected for de-bugging. They instantly protested, claiming they only had time to do one office. I immediately called my supervisor, who then called his supervisor, and I was told the highest priority was to scan and clear the office over the loading dock at the ESC.

The couple of curmudgeons then opened their collection of antiques and started the snake oil sales in earnest. They waved what looked like a coat hanger in the air while a metallic fossil in a beat-up old suitcase started chirping without rhythm. They lifted ceiling tiles and peered into the plenum. They crawled under desks and tables and looked behind books and posters. After 30 minutes and a rather boring overview of their counter-intelligence careers, they packed everything up, declared the room clean, returned to their rented car and drove back to their hotel.

I suppose the escorting of bug-sniffers around the ESC falls under "other duties as assigned".

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The other two spaces included ESC 201 (the conference room on the upper floor in the northeast corner) and the adjacent office in the extreme northeast corner.

Thanks for asking. Sorry I couldn't post your full comment - the medication and code name were not ambiguous enough.


Cinderella said...

Approximately what time frame was this?

In your opinion, why do you think *someone* thought they were being bugged?

Why do you think an out of state company from was called?

Did the investigators remind you of Maxwell Smart? (you might be too young to answer that one)

Anonymous said...

Here are some RCW's to look up if you want.
1.RCW 42.56.010.
2.RCW 42.56.030
3.RCW 42.56.550(3)
4.RCW 42.56.080.
5.RCW 42.56.520
6.RCW 42.56.210(3)
7.RCW 42.56.010.
From the guy that won't give up, Because I'm to stupid.
Public Disclosure 101, the Basics
Here we come HR!

Anonymous said...

Mark -

Have you received the records you requested? Whomever posted the RCW's is awesome! It clearly spells out the requirements. Do you have to file a lawsuit to get compliance?