Thursday, July 26, 2007


In the District's great haste to dispose of all memory of my existence, they deleted six years of documents living on my hard drive and the back up server. Rather than just change the password, like most companies on earth, they changed the password and then deleted the account.

Gone are all of the lease agreements. Gone are all of the use agreements. Gone are the countless letters to contractors, vendors, developers, County officials and the general public. Gone is any evidence that progress took place in Planning and Property Management. Perhaps this is the new management approach; let the new hire re-define their role and re-invent the position.

Sadly, it will take at least six more years to get to that stage and I doubt any replacement will have the stamina to last under the current management model.

Of course, an intelligent public servant with business continuity training would have every document backed up three or four layers deep. But, to provide needed documents may expose me to further legal action from Perkins Coie. Which, of course would generate more legal bills. Maybe it is more affordable to have staff re-type everything from paper copies.

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