Sunday, July 15, 2007

District issues popular among Chinese

I just added the unique hit count from my server. It seems the Chinese are tracking current events in the Edmonds School District - and it explains some of the strange comments I have not been posting to the blog.

I wonder if a certain principal from Brier is the one checking in from Turkey.

As time permits, I will update the count in the lower right margin.

Remember to grade District leadership and - in the blog - we actually can assign a failing grade.

Mark Zandberg, Moderator
Former Planning and Property Management Specialist
March 2001 - June 2007


Anonymous said...

I saw your rating survey, too. I wonder if you could add a comment section so those that voted can elaborate.

Cinderella said...

I would be interested in knowing why some rated management as excellent. Is it them talking?

ESD15-The Outrage said...

I have been making a point of relating this fiscal nightmare to the community. Particularily upset were the latino business group whith whom I shared dinner last Saturday. Any chance of translating some of this into Spanish, and I can link the log to local latino community groups websites? said...

My staff limitations are confined to Kiswahili, Zulu, Amharic and Tigrinya. I think there is a translation portal online somewhere. I will search and post a Spanish version when I can.


ESD15-The Outrage said...

Are you serious about affecting change, or is this simply something to fill your time between cartoons? said...

I haven't done any cartooning since the early 1990s but could work up a few sketches that would appropriately depict the events in this blog.

I will try to have something scanned and uploaded by the weekend.

And yes, I am trying to bring about change. Sadly, doing so from within was not possible with a gag and under threat of termination.


Anonymous said...

The Chinese care more than many Americans. District leaders must rejoice at lack of wisdom in the District. I think we are all just too smart to care about their little world.

Mat God bless you and your effort.

ESD15-The Outrage said...

After some working with local news agencies, we now have an investigative reporter team expressing interest in listening to the legitimate grievances (confidentially).

People, this would mean not only property management issues but integrity issues, nepotism, non-reporting of leave by administrators, and all other forms of subtle theft, harrassment, discrimination, misapropriation and malfeasance.

This would be your opportunity to be heard. Who is with me?

Anonymous said...

Gotta go to the school board meetings and send correspondence to the members!

Anonymous said...

Been there before, back in 1999, and have never seen such a lethargic bunch in all my life. Disinterested, to say the least. I need to get one of these seats, to exhibit some sort of vitals. Only problem there is not being PC, I would need a replacement the following month. TELL IT LIKE IT IS!!!!!!!