Monday, July 30, 2007

Party of Two

The lengthy list of candidates clamoring for the position of Planning and Property Management Specialist numbers only two. The position either comes off as something no one in their right mind would want, or the economy has taken off - and we all know the latter isn't true.

Maybe prospective applicants were confused and started looking for employment opportunities at Unfortunately, we are not currently hiring.


Anonymous said...

Yes this used to be a highly desired and enviable position within the District.

The District, however has shown that hiring from within is not necessarily their policy and qualified & viable candidates have recently fled the District's employment (for what should be becoming obvious reasons).

Coupled with the (seemingly irreplaceable) loss of a successful career manager overlooking this department and subsequently his greatly admired assistant it would appear nothing more than career suicide to step into this vacant post at this troubling time.

Unless you are willing to sell your soul at the door you need not apply (apologies extended to the two potential candidates).

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, your replacement is an intellectual flatliner.