Sunday, July 15, 2007

Daybreakers give pavilion to city.

Apparently, people just can't resist giving property to the City of Edmonds. Moderator

"The Daybreakers Rotary Club band pavilion has changed hands.
In a well-attended ceremony last weekend, club president Marla Miller gifted the pavilion over to Mayor Gary Haakenson.
It had been a long time in coming.
In 2005, as part of the worldwide Rotary Club centennial, the fifty members of the Daybreakers asked what sort of project the group could build for the city. Arvilla Ohlde, who was then the city’s park director, identified the need.
The Daybreakers went to work. It wasn’t always easy.
“This project took longer than any other that we’ve ever done,” said Tom Ohrbeck.
The group got a lot of help."

Read the rest in the Edmonds Beacon.

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Anonymous said...

Not much interest here for the Daybreakers. Possibly, such a normal behavior it commands no special interest.?