Monday, July 02, 2007

Do not read this if you plan to sue me.


I await your response and shall not communicate directly with your client regarding this topic. I cannot guarantee they will not read the blog.

Thank you.



Anonymous said...

FYI.... The school district has red flagged this site. So no access from a district computer. Who gave out the order of execution to the tech department? This is a calculated move to inhibit others from finding truths, similar to adding and removing materials from personnel files. Gosh darn it, that leads us right back to that empty seat, in the department of?????????? Yeah what a shock?

Anonymous said...

You know, I just can't help but wonder if this latest stint is vacation related, or just another classic dead cat story, special trip to the Bellingham area, fatigue syndrome, depression, hepatitis.....? None of these are taken lightly by a clear minded individual. None of those are funny. So I'm staggered as to why you and your few close friends don't challnge me on Marks site. You will only pick on people that have no recourse. This site appears to me to be a level playing field, and you have no answer. There is a special place in my melon for people like you, and I don't easily forget. "King of the Kats"

Anonymous said...

I don't get the "king of the Kats" challenge. Can he/she explain further?