Sunday, July 13, 2008

State Auditor relies upon the Honor System.

Most people would agree that having the police around is a great idea. They exist to protect and serve the public and their role in society is at the heart of what keeps things together. Without the police, our neighborhoods would quickly slip away from the standards that our free society demands. The police play an important part in creating and maintaining happy and healthy neighborhoods.

Just what would happen if the police decided to stop issuing tickets? How many of us would start driving a little more quickly? How tempting would it be to sleep in a few extra minutes knowing that you could always make up some time going 60 through downtown Edmonds? Stop signs would be a thing of the past. Double parking would become the latest craze. School Zones? What are those?

Would it be necessary for the police to issue a press release announcing their decision to eliminate tickets? Would it be necessary to declare the motivation behind such a decision? What if such a new policy was the result of one person deciding that tickets infringed upon the rights of motorists? Would it make the consequences of lawlessness any more palatable?

While it may take several years before many of us realized the police have opted out of the ticket writing business, there are others that would be tipped off by their friends in local government. They would be busy zipping by me on a blind corner while I calmly hope for a police officer with a radar gun around the next bend.


Anonymous said...

The point is..... couldn't quite relate to this one.

Anonymous said...

It's not that obscure.

The auditor has shown no teeth, no will to actually AUDIT anything; the school board and administrators know it, and will therefore not worry about getting caught violating any "board policies," state law, or any other controlling mechanism (e.i., speeding through a school zone).

They will continue to make shady piano deals, let prefered employees violate rules about pornography, harass and bully, etc. They have no natural enemies and their numbers will grow.

There will be chaos and those in power will continue to wield it against anyone who stands up to them.

The auditor has done you no favor by slapping the District's wrist over a small issue while the sharks continue to eat all the fish. The auditor has made a "show" of addressing the concerns highlighted here, but hasn't actually done anything.

Helpful? said...

Yes, I found it very helpful.

Thank you for making my point more clear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clarification; makes sense!