Sunday, July 06, 2008

Business Services goes into Lockdown.

In an effort to ensure that stray documents don’t end up as court exhibits, Business Services has gone into Lockdown.

Employees can no longer work before 6:30 in the morning or stay later than 5:00. During the summer months, employees used to be able to take advantage of longer daylight hours and get their 8 hours of pain and agony out of the way early, leaving time for more comfortable activities like dental appointments and trips to the proctologist.

Under the guise of “security”, operating hours have been clearly defined and stepping outside of those hours will certainly result in termination. After all, what good can come from staff working longer hours than those prescribed by management? Going “above and beyond” is the stuff of comic books, not public service. Phase two will certainly include cavity searches and the installation of metal detectors.

I suppose with the pre-trial buzz of paper shredders, management wants to make sure that staff won’t file a claim for hearing loss or witness all of the activity after hours.


Anonymous said...

It's about time Marla reels in her employees. She has no idea how much production time is needed for the work to get done. Employees have scheduled their own hours for too long. How many customers need help at 5:30 AM? And how many employees really are in at that hour? I believe they said they were so they could leave early but no one really knows because no supervisor was there to see when the employees really arrived. They come and go in that dept. all hours. I could never figure out how you could have someone in the vault alone at those early hours with no supervisor a crime waiting to happen and it did. I hope this dept. final gets some real supervision going on!

Anonymous said...

Don't kid yourself, the only people that are going to pay in terms of acountability are the ones in another department.