Monday, May 05, 2008

Will the Auditor protect the public or the District?

The report should be out mid- to late-May.

Christopher J. Kapek, CPA
Audit Manager - Team Everett
Washington State Auditor's Office

I am writing to you regarding the recent news that the performance audit for the Edmonds School District will be released mid to late May. This news is rather disappointing given the original projections for its completion.

I believe the taxpayers of the Edmonds School District would suffer a great disservice should the document be made public after May 19; since Edmonds has a Technology Levy on the May 20 ballot. The constituents need to know just how their tax money is managed, or as I would characterize, mismanaged.

As a former employee I can attest to many of the allegations I know that your office is investigating. I also know of the arrogance of the management in their beliefs they are untouchable as public employees. While employed, I was reminded all too often management was solely ruled by public opinion via the press or the polls.

I urge you to have your office do what it takes to publish the report in enough time so voters can make an intelligent choice on May 20. If the report is favorable, there is nothing for the District to worry about. If the report is unfavorable, then the voters can weigh the pros and cons of funding the District and do what their conscience dictates. I am convinced the leadership will see it as a "win" if the report is delayed and it will feed their hubris. Put it to the voters to decide if they want the cycle of poor decisions to perpetuate.


Editor: This letter to Brian Sonntag was not written by Mark Zandberg.


Anonymous said...

Innocent people know they have nothing to hide--so get the report out now!

Anonymous said...

We need for this levy to pass so all the lazy azz in tech can keep their jobs!

Anonymous said...

Voting is a right. Knowledge is power. Being an informed voter is how the system is suppose to work. said...

If the District provides information then we will possess power. Misguided elements in the District lose if the people are empowered.

Anonymous said...

Vote against Special Elections
The Edmonds School District is again using a “Special Election” to gain approval for their “Technology Levy”. This election is costing nearly 250,000 dollars extra ($2 per voter) because they continue to use “Special Elections” to put their needs before the voters. Special elections require the school district to pay all the costs of the mail-out ballots. The advantage to the District is they do not have to produce a voter’s pamphlet to clearly explain their needs. The absence of a voter’s pamphlet allows the District to put forward their own story without the opportunity for an “against” statement that may conflict with their version of the “need”. They did this in February of 2006 when got a “mandate” to move the Lynnwood Athletic fields. The “Special Emergency Ballot” did not mention anything about moving the fields. Without a voter’s pamphlet there was no way to alert people about the lack of disclosure!
When we received our ballot in the mail we coincidentally received a District “Newsletter” and a “Vote Yes” flyer from the Citizens for Schools. All this is a tremendous waste of tax payer’s resources and clearly not a fair an open process. If you want further frustration, try to retrieve the referenced Resolution 07-41 that is mentioned on the ballot!

Mark Laurence
17326 7th Ave West
Bothell, WA 98012
(425) 478-3163