Wednesday, May 21, 2008

As a community, we get what we deserve.

The result of the election was predictable. The uninformed public gets what it deserves; to throw away money in this disposable society. As long as parents believe that their little Johnny or Susie is getting their fair share, what do their care? Why look beyond the surface and get involved?

But what kind of return are they getting for their investment? Or the more appropriate question; how much more could they be getting if they had competent, qualified staff spending their tax dollars? The taxpayers of the Edmonds School District will not know, at least for now. For that we can thank the news media and the State Auditor’s Office.

The news media lacks the guts to even publish that there are allegations of mismanagement. Why do they hesitate? Are they too members of the Rotary in line for a handout? Or perhaps it’s something more sinister at play: Apathy. Why rock the idyllic boat ride they take on placid waters? Why shatter the myth of the idyllic Northwest life of beautiful vista’s, political correctness, and the good-life; after all isn’t it just coffee, computers and the Cascades here?

As for the State Auditor’s office, is it a coincidence that the report was not available before the election? I honestly think not. When it comes to education dollars, enforcement agencies are coached not to do anything that would take tax dollars away from schools lest they be painted ‘as stealing from education.’

How much of a scandal does it take? How much waste does it take? Five million? Fifty? At the Port of Seattle, management and the board of directors had the gall to suggest that corners were cut in hiring “friends” as a means of expediting work. That explanation is pure crap. In time I predict the same thing will be said once the Auditor’s report is released and the spin begins.

Where will it end? Exactly where the taxpayers put it; of that I am sure.

Editor: Thank you to another anonymous contributor.

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Anonymous said...

The "uninformed public" also includes parents who don't buy the party line, who don't believe Johnny or Susie are getting a fair shake, but who still have children in the schools.

Voting no wouldn't fix things overnight -- yes, it would rock the boat, yes, it may lead to eventual improvement, but it's that eventual that leaves parents in a tough spot.

Things will get worse before they get better if funds are cut even more. When Johnny and Susie are our sons and daughters who are still in the classroom ... it's not such an easy choice. They're already losing out as is.

I just wanted that viewpoint reflected, as your earlier post which stated there only 2 positions (those who believe the district spends wisely, and those who don't) doesn't reflect those parents who ARE informed, who ARE involved, but face the quandary of letting Johnny & Susie pay for them taking a stand.

They've got us bent over the proverbial barrel.

Thanks for bringing all these things to light.