Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Timing suggests District needs come before the public.

The ten largest school districts in the state are listed below, along with the last set of audits posted on the Auditor's website. As you can see, two of the ten largest districts have yet to have their financial and accountability audits posted. Seattle School District and Edmonds School District.

Just what is the reason for the delay with the Edmonds School District? Could the timing be politically-motivated to keep voters in the dark prior to a levy election, or is there just so much to review? Perhaps the State of Washington is trying to pacify the Edmonds School District since the latter is suing the former for "not fully-funding education". Keeping money out of the hands of the District is a position anyone could defend.

1. Seattle School District
(5/25/07 Financial, 6/22/07 Accountability)

2. Tacoma School District
(5/19/08 Financial, 4/21/08 Accountability)

3. Spokane School District
(5/19/08 Financial, 5/19/08 Accountability)

4. Kent School District
(5/5/08 Financial, 5/5/08 Accountability)

5. Evergreen (Clark) School District
(5/12/08 Financial)

6. Lake Washington School District
(5/18/08 Financial, 5/18/08 Accountability)

7. Federal Way School District
(5/5/08 Financial, 5/5/08 Accountability)

8. Vancouver School District
(5/19/08 Financial)

9. Puyallup School District
(4/7/08 Financial, 4/7/08 Accountability)

10. Edmonds School District
(5/11/07 Financial, 6/15/07 Accountability)

To date, nearly all of the school districts in the state have had their audits posted on the Auditor's website.

Editorial: Feel free to cruise the State Auditor's website for information. Just click here.


Anonymous said...

And just how many of the top ten, other than Edmonds, have seven assistant superintendants?

Maybe when Warehouse is fully liquidated we can afford the eighth.

Anonymous said...

the same question I keep asking and how many Superintendants get $200,000 annual salary? Two questions the public should have been asking also?

Anonymous said...

Well, the audits have been posted. Kind of disappointing to hear of so much evildoing here on the blog that didn't make it into the audit findings.