Saturday, May 17, 2008

"Spending money wisely" means maintaining your budget.

Another thing that Tracy probably doesn't understand is the organizational race to spend money. Budgets are built upon a department's perceived level of need. If a department fails to spend all of their allocation, their budget essentially gets trimmed for the following year. That is how a department decides to spend $11,000.00 for a reconfiguration when they didn't actually need to change their work environment. It wasn't the value of the work being performed but the value of maintaining their budget for the following year.

Now, imagine that the District was in the middle of a budget "crisis". Wouldn't it stand to reason that if money was left over in a budget it might be expected that a responsible steward of public funds would return it to the General Fund? Those precious dollars could be used to save an educational program or save a teaching position.

It is discomforting to know that simple-minded people don't bother checking their facts before making sweeping statements. This blog has been delivering the news as we uncover the corruption. We rarely speculate and we seldom take the word of anyone without authenticating the claim. Tracy, on the other hand, probably called Marla or Nick and asked "Is the District spending money wisely?" Their answer would have been "Of course!", because their image depends upon it.

Tracy has no reason to complain about how the District spends money. She has three children being supported by taxpayers. Those of us that don't have children, happily pay our taxes but demand a level of responsibility that should accompany the receipt of public assistance.

This District has no motivation to spend money wisely. They are guaranteed an annual income and just have to make sure they don't spend more than they receive. They can make foolish decisions as long as the money is available to blow. No one will hold them accountable because most people (70% don't have children in district schools) just see their property tax as a necessary evil and the parents among us rejoice at having a place to park their children during the day. They are involved but only at the surface. Question district management and watch how fast your children become a problem at school.


Anonymous said...

The one in the picture reminds me of a manager that just lost his job. However, the sunken eyes in the picture would lead me to believe that this primate has the ability to take a message. Goodbye 65k lonesome one.

Anonymous said...

The district doesn't know how to spend money wisely. I'm sure the money for the reconfigeration came from a pot of money that couldn't be used for students. Could it help save just one position that is being cut?