Sunday, May 18, 2008

WHITE CHALK CRIME: The REAL Reason Schools Fail

[Richard Reuther]
The book is great. [WHITE CHALK CRIME: The REAL Reason Schools Fail] It is THE investigative book that we have been looking for. This puts most of our trials in the Edmonds School District (Washington) in focus. If you are inclined, go to for a blog and archives of evidence of District highjinx. It was started by a former employee at the head shed and we have been contributing our prespective from the (former) classroom side. It has been absolutely amazing to read the book and see how the two worlds are related. This is a deeper sink hole than the one in Texas that opened up this week.

[Karen Horwitz]
Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you agree with me. Even I sometimes question my own judgment having worked on it so long and so by myself if you know what I mean. I got the first review of it from a member, who wrote the following on

A shattering expose of how the multi-billion dollar world of education in America has been turned into a business. This seminal work by an expert who has spent her entire life in the field of education pulls back the curtain and exposes the almost unbelievable degree of corruption that exists in the Wizard of Oz world of educating our nation's children.

It has become less about what is good for children and more about how tens of thousands of people, reaching to the highest levels of government have found countless ways to skim and milk the system of money that should be going towards helping educate children in the classroom.

Teachers nationwide who dare to expose this corruption, that manifests itself in countless different forms, (both within schools proper as well as inside the labyrinthian bureaucracies that control the funding), are dealt with swiftly and harshly.

I myself was one such Whistle-blower who attempted to report massive corruption, financial mismanagement and ongoing Federal Civil Rights violations occurring in schools in New York City. My reward for doing the right thing was that I was removed on trumped up allegations and found myself fighting a "David versus Goliath" legal battle for the past four years and counting.

Should anyone wish to know the real reason/s I was removed from my position, it is only necessary to visit the United Federation of Teachers website:

There one will see a photograph of me being decorated by former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in New York's City Hall as a "Teacher of the Year" for Exceptional Achievement in Education. I had designed, built from the ground up, and personally funded, the first premiere Medical Illustration Program in the United States for gifted Minority students. The goal of the program was to serve as a launching pad to propel those highly intellectually gifted students from socio-economically deprived backgrounds into Ivy League Universities and into careers including Medicine, as Physicians and research Scientists.

The success of this unique program was such, that it attracted the attention of Pulitzer Prize winning Journalist, Clara Hemphill.

But once I became a Whistle-blower the New York City Board/Dept of Education went after me with a blistering degree of vengeance and retaliation not witnessed in decades and has led to the Legal arm, known as NYSUT, of the United Federation of Teachers, filing a $ 30,000,000 (thirty million) NOTICE OF CLAIM against schools Chancellor Joel Klein, Esq. and the New York City Board of Education on my behalf.

My case, in the way the press and other assorted news media have reported the above story, in the most skewed and distorted manner possible, makes the case one of the poster children of Karen Horwitz's amazingly factually detailed book. Ms. Horwitz recounts dozens of stories, like my own, all part of an ultimately shocking and illuminating expose of how the world of Education has become a form of billion dollar "piggy bank" for those in a position to raid and feed at the trough of publicly funded Education budgets.

The countless stories of the fates that have befallen teachers nationwide and the abusive, often sadistic and illegal methods that have been utilized to retaliate against and silence teachers who have tried to report egregious wrongdoing and outright theft of taxpayer money is ultimately heartbreaking but a story that must be told.

This is a landmark and seminal book, painstakingly researched over a decade, that will hopefully serve and assist the long overdue need to expose the rampant theft of the enormous financial resources that are intended to educate our children. This monumental work will also hopefully call the public's attention to what has happened to the lives and careers of hardworking, dedicated educators nationwide, who at great personal and professional risk to their careers, have spoken out about WHITE CHALK CRIME: The REAL Reason Schools Fail.

If you have time, when you finish, be sure to write a review because I am sure a bunch of EducRAT$ will write horrible reviews once they hear about this!

2 comments: said...

I just read what happened to David Pakter. Yikes! Why does public education attract such unenlightened people into the ranks of administration?

While comforting to know the problem is nationwide, it is troubling to know there isn't a remedy in sight.

I just ordered Karen's book on Amazon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

One possibility: it's the Peter Principle--people rise to their level of incompetency. On the other hand, One might wonder if these people were ever truly competent in the classroom. It's a lot easier to take a year or so and get a PhD. than to teach 30 students a period and discipline with firmness and respect for the students. Aggressive body language and manners have no place in the school district. Bullying online and gossip have no place in a school district.
Past training(CFG) at MMS encouraged people to openly share their concerns as teachers and grow in skill. It invited clarifying questions and thoughtful, supportive comments. Unfortunately, one principal began to require people to participate in the dialogue...which served to drive some of us away. Demanding is not a respectful model. Where do we see that respectful model? Not in the administration.