Monday, May 05, 2008

Dressing in layers is the answer to budget crisis.

Sent: Fri 5/2/2008 3:44 PM
To: @ESC
Subject: Monday ECS Heat

Good Afternoon,

Our Maintenance Crew is experiencing complications with the replacement of the HVAC system and is advising that the temperature in our building on Monday May 5 is expected to be unusually warm. Please remember to dress in layers.

I hope this is an "HVAC system" that can be used when the building becomes Scriber Lake High School next year. According to the District's promise to taxpayers, the building will be a high school this time next year.

When did the ESC change its name to ECS? I was not aware of the change and didn't read about it in the Beacon. Perhaps this ECS is an Electronic Control Switch related to the malfunctioning HVAC system. It could be a typo, but with this author you just never know.

Kudos for the solution to the District's budget woes and reducing utility expenses. Dressing in layers might be just the thing to get us back in the black.


Anonymous said...

We had a staff day in the winter where the heating system failed and there was no one to come fix it immediately. We did the "layered clothing" thing for about three hours (I have pictures) but it was just unbearable. The warmest spot in the building was the faculty louge; the vending machines put out enough heat that with the door closed, it was just bearable. After four hours, we went home.

Then there was the day before winter break when we had no electricity and no heat and a school full of kids. Kept them there all day because the ESC wouldn't close the school.

Those were the days.

Anonymous said...

I've been dressing in layers ever since we moved to the ESC site. Even in the Summer you have to dress in layers. Just keep the winter ward robe all year round if you work at the ESC.

Anonymous said...

We are freezing and can't get anyone to listen. Since they worked on the HVAC system we are getting cold air blowing down on us. I have had my heater on every day since the work was done.

Also what kind of air are they circulation at the ESC employees are having problems with watery eyes and sneezing constantly?

I can't get any answers from the powers that be....