Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another "investigation" in Human Resources.

I suppose one could make an argument that the District is being financially responsible in seeking to investigate the improper use of a district procurement card, but there have been greater offenses resulting in more profound losses to taxpayers.

Perhaps the target of this investigation lost a few receipts. Maybe they bought one too many cheese sandwiches. Perhaps they accidentally filled the gas tank in their personal car. It just seems rather odd that district administration is spending time and money going after a few nickels and dimes while they hand out piles of public funds to their own friends.

Public records requests are handled by the same person that initiates investigations into questionable practices. This is terribly incorrect and until internal structures change, the District will continue to bleed money without regard for the public.

June 18, 2008

Courtney Amonsen, Assistant State Auditor
State Auditor’s Office
3501 Colby Avenue, Suite 100B
Everett, WA 98201-4794

Via E-Mail and U.S. Postal Service

Dear Courtney,

This is to notify you that we are investigating a situation at Mountlake Terrace High School regarding potentially fraudulent use of advance travel funds and the District’s procurement card.

A tennis coach was given cash by the building’s Activities Coordinator from the ASB fund to pay for travel expenses related a tennis tournament that occurred on Memorial Day weekend. Although requested to do so, the coach has not provided receipts to fully account for the advance travel funds received. She also appears to have purchased more gas with the procurement card than necessary for the school-related trip.

Our Human Resources department is investigating the situation. As soon as I receive the results of their investigation, I will provide your office with a final report.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact me at (425) 431-7036. Thank you.


Marla S. Miller
Assistant Superintendent

Cc: Tam Osborne, Director of Certificated Personnel


Anonymous said...

How about looking in on the overtime that was given "I MEAN GIVEN" To Jim Roberts in the HR Dept. Mr over worked. Please!

This is a crime giving $30,000 in overtime pay.

Anonymous said...

$30,000 in overtime to
Jim Roberts...................
Thank you Edmonds School District.
Jim Roberts

Anonymous said...

It's a good plan for Marla to focus on the money problems of others as it takes the spotlight away from her!

Anonymous said...

I'll bet that Marla spent more money writing a litter to the auditor that any supposed "theft". oh... any why is the auditor involved? This seems a simple investigative issue.

Anonymous said...

When thirty thousand dollars is doled out to an individual for overtime work, it reminds me of how the department of defense failed to provide the necessary protection for our front line troops a few years back. Armor on our vehicles? We don't need that--let's give massive amounts of money to someone at the ESC. Cut back on the paraeducator hours? We don't need as many--let's give tons of money to the ESC. Who really is on the front lines of educating our children? Who spends the most amount of time helping them learn? The ESC had better rethink how they budget their money. I sat through a few "information meetings" over the last few years about budget cuts and I saw how our education funding was being eliminated bit by bit. ESC is out of control and WHOEVER approved those overtime hours is the first to go. We're waiting Nick. Where is your qualification to lead if you can't take a quick and decisive action to rid our district of at least one person who OK's this sort of behavior? You have the authority to do this and yet, you acquiesce your duty. You would send a strong message by taking control of this situation of unethical behavior. We're waiting.....

Anonymous said...

How come there are so many questionable practices in HR? Seems like quite a series of events in that department this last year or so.

Anonymous said...

Priorities are in the wrong order in HR. Have been for years as far as most of us can see.

Anonymous said...

Why is T Waddle gone so much. If her job is so important why isn't she there to do it. Seems her job could go bye bye because her office can run without her in it.