Saturday, September 27, 2008

Grilled cheese sandwiches don't fit in your wallet.

A new unit of account: the grilled cheese sandwich costs approximately 70 cents.

As of today, you would need five shares of WaMu stock to buy one grilled cheese sandwich, assuming no transaction fees or commissions.

The Superintendent earns nearly 300,000 grilled cheese sandwiches a year.

The Planning and Property Management Clericalist is paid 47 grilled cheese sandwiches every hour.

Custodians earn 23 grilled cheese sandwiches every hour.

Early site grading for the new administration site cost 3,038,629 grilled cheese sandwiches plus 273,476 grilled cheese sandwiches in sales tax. This would be in addition to the 3,285,714 grilled cheese sandwiches the District overpaid for the property. The total price paid for the site was 8,000,000 grilled cheese sandwiches.

The annual budget for the Edmonds School District is in excess of 257,142,857 grilled cheese sandwiches.

The New Lynnwood High School in Bothell is expected to cost 171,428,571 grilled cheese sandwiches.

The real Bothell High School cost just 50,000,000 grilled cheese sandwiches to rebuild.

HVAC upgrades at Spruce Elementary cost 2,728,024 grilled cheese sandwiches.

HVAC upgrades at Beverly Elementary cost 3,107,143 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Parking and traffic changes at Lynnwood Elementary cost 512,000 grilled cheese sandwiches.

Blog: More expended grilled cheese sandwiches may be found by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

Must make Tillamook County Oregon start to drool.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting hungry just talking about cheese sandwiches.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I've got a good idea. Instead of schools being judged by WASL scores, how about if they're judged by which schools have the lowest breakfast/lunchtime debt? I know that at my school today kids were being pulled out of classes to conference with the counselor about breakfast/lunch debt.
By the way, paying $1 for a cheese sandwich, fruit and milk is a darn good deal. That's a lot cheaper than I can buy it for at the store!