Saturday, September 27, 2008

Regional newspaper allows community comments.

The Herald has taken a bold step in allowing members of the community to make comments at the end of their web-based articles. This new feature allows for greater engagement in real issues impacting our community and nurtures real, meaningful debate.

For many years, the technology existed to allow community involvement in the manner in which news is presented. Finally, all opinions have a voice and meaningful opposition can be expressed, explored and shared with others.

Unfortunately for Mr. Nick, not every participant uses their actual name and the Herald seems more concerned about the message and less obsessed with the messenger. Sounds like the approach of a certain blog I know.

Offering a discounted, brown bag lunch is smart.

Like many people in our community, I was relieved that the Edmonds School District finally reached out to the community for help in coming to terms with the cheese sandwich dilemma.

However, if the Food Service program was able to operate as a real Enterprise Program without interference from district administration, they could have solved this problem before it resulted in a Schrammie.

With the rising tide of a financial disaster and the impact across our community, it makes sense to offer a cheaper alternative for everyone - regardless of social status.Read more about the Edmonds School District at

Mark Zandberg Sep 26, 2008 9:05 pm

Right out of the District Playbook.

Postponing a decision on how to improve the manner in which this district collects lunch money is right out of their playbook.

On the one hand, they can wait long enough to pass off the new strategy as their own and thereby claim the policy came from within their ranks.

On the other hand, it allows the debt from parents to continue to grow, strengthening any case the District may make for adopting some new, twisted way to humiliate children.

I attended the community meeting to discuss the current problem and there were a lot of great ideas that, if implemented, would result in immediate benefits for the children, parents and taxpayers.

Many more questionable decisions by this board and district leadership can be found at

Mark Zandberg Sep 20, 2008 12:53 pm

Mr. Nick knew of humiliating tactic before it was rolled out.

The community meeting last night resulted in a lot of good ideas, but why did we have to go through such an unfortunate process of humiliating children before thinking about alternatives?

On August 12, Nick Brossoit stated during a board meeting that "the food service department is working agresively to collect the amount owed." He clearly knew that debt-collection through humiliation was the "aggressive" tactic being utilized.

It seems clear to me - and many others - that there is a serious disconnect between district leadership and the fundamental elements contained in their mission statement.

More questionable decisions from district leadership can be found at

Mark Zandberg Sep 18, 2008 7:57 am

Stealing elections and taking food from children.

The District is sinking in their own corruption. They have blown millions on bad real estate decisions, violated board policies numerous times, enrich their friends through questionable transactions and nurture a climate of hate within the organization.

Read more about it at

Mark Zandberg Sep 10, 2008 3:11 pm

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