Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's not the three "amigos" that first come to mind.

From: Miller, Marla (ESC)
Sent: Friday, August 29, 2008 8:02 AM
To: @All Edmonds Email
Subject: Info: Update on Recycling

Greetings, and welcome back to this exciting time of year!

Last spring I sent out an e-mail with some specific tips regarding energy conservation, including recycling. Although we’ve been able to recycle plastic, aluminum cans, and glass along with paper for several years, I learned from some schools that we have had an inconsistent practice regarding recycling, and we have room for improvement districtwide. The enthusiasm I heard for getting students and staff involved in an effective recycling program is great, and beginning this fall, we are asking every school and district facility to fully implement recycling of glass, cans, plastics, and paper.

The “three amigos” [also known as George Marschall (maintenance manager), Bob Hansen (custodial/warehouse manager), and Brian Harding (director of facilities operations)] have done an outstanding job this summer to flesh out the tools and guidance needed to ensure we fully implement an effective recycling program for the district. Because we are not creating new waste to recycle, we are focusing on how to handle the materials we already discard in a more environmentally responsible manner, without creating more of a time- and workload issue for our custodians.

The blog finds the use of "three amigos" to be many things at once. First, it is a rather transparent attempt to cozy up to the recipients of this email message by using overly-familiar and blatantly condescending terms for staff. What management chooses to call each other behind closed doors should stay out of broad circulation. No matter how familiar they may be with each other, management continues to maintain a chasm between themselves and support staff.

Second, it suggests some degree of parity among these three individuals when in reality, one supervises the other two. Of course, the film would not have been as funny if it was called "One Jefe and Two Amigos".

Third, like the film by the same name, it would have had greater success at the box office if it excluded the least humorous amigo.

Summary: For several years, schools in the Edmonds School District have not been recycling in a manner that would suggest a regard for our future. While teachers may have thought that a recycle bin meant things were being recycled, more often than not it all ended up in the trash.

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