Saturday, September 06, 2008

Board will revise policies to allow Conflict of Interest.

For those of you wondering just how low the Edmonds School District will stoop to accommodate the needs of their friends, just peruse the agenda for the school board meeting on September 9th. The Board seeks to revise board policies to allow clear conflicts of interest to occur.

Such action clearly demonstrates where the District's priorities lie - not with students, not with the community, but solely with Gary and Kay Noble. The Noble School District would be more appropriate and actually has a nice ring to it.

I find it bewildering as to how leadership can assemble a crowd of four real estate agents to discuss the District's rapidly eroding image in the community and just a short time later seek to change the rules so their friends can stay in their positions of power.

There isn't an image problem. The image is a realistic depiction of actual conditions. The reputation of the Edmonds School District stinks and every whiff has been earned.

Blog: Unfortunately, Gary Noble was in violation of Board Policies when he sought re-election in 2007 and, like his former counterpart Bruce Williams, committed election fraud when he filed as a candidate.


Anonymous said...

I plan to attend the School Board meeting on Sept. 9th and I'll let you know what happened in regards to the policy changes.

Anonymous said...

Who will vote for the Policy change? Board members only? Do you know if this will be up for discussion, or is this is a "done deal"? said...

The September 9th agenda describes it as a first reading, which means they will introduce the topic so the public is aware and has time to comment. Later, they will have a second reading and decide the issue, ultimately doing whatever they want.

This board doesn't care about your children, why should they care about your opinion?

Anonymous said...

Well said, - "This Board doesn't care about your children, why should they care about your opinion". Why bother going to the meetings?

Anonymous said...

If this goes. I will declare war!
I will bog the district down to a stop.
not a joke.......................:}