Monday, September 22, 2008

What have they got up their sleeves this time?

The agenda for the next board meeting describes the following action:
First reading, approve revisions to Policy 1245, Board Member Resignation and Replacement.

The policy currently reads as follows:
A member of the Board of Directors may resign from the Board for any reason. When a Board member's permanent residence ceases to be in the school district or his/her director district, the director shall resign immediately.

Resignations are to be made in writing to the secretary of the board.

At its next regularly scheduled board meeting, the resignations shall be considered and the position declared vacant.

The Board of Directors shall have the authority to fill any vacancy on the board in accordance with the procedures of state law. The person appointed to the board shall serve until the next regularly scheduled general election.

It makes an honest person wonder just what exactly they have in mind. Are they aware that it is too late to save Bruce Williams? He already resigned for violating board policies.

Are board members developing a strategy to prevent others from holding them accountable? Perhaps they seek to make all resignations voluntary and replacements temporary, with board members being able to return to their duties after gaining approval from a certain assistant superintendent. Just what scheme could they be hatching?

In reviewing conversations with Nick Brossoit that have appeared on this blog, it would appear as though they might just allow board members to move freely around the District once they are elected. To be re-elected, they will have to rent an apartment in their director district or just lie on their candidacy application.

Note to Board: Just make sure there isn't a restraining order filed against you that restricts the use of your qualifying home address when you seek re-election.


Anonymous said...

Good luck getting your next job.
The hole state of Washington knows who you are.
BYE, BYE, good BYE.

Anonymous said...

Be careful what you wish for. If and when Nick leaves, Marla just might be appointed temporary Supt. cause she knows the most about several topics.

Anonymous said...

She knows most about several topics, Ya how to spend money in all the wrong places.
I can smell you, you must work up stairs? said...

I believe the evidence illuminated on this blog demonstrates that she actually doesn't know as much as she thinks she does.

Anonymous said...

I believe Marla Miller's GOAL is to take Nick's position of Superintendent, should he resign or retire. She is convinced she is GOD! She is POWER HUNGRY and will stop at nothing to achieve her GOAL!