Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Vast improvement. Did somebody help?

Good Morning Everyone,

Our custodial crew is scheduled to do CARPET CLEANING for the entire ESC on Dec. 26 and 27. They would like to begin cleaning at 3:00 p.m. and plan to be finished at 11:00 p.m. (For anyone who is scheduled to work after 3:00, please check with your supervisor as to a possible alternative schedule.)
In addition, we would like to ask everyone’s help in CLEARING THE FLOOR of your work area completely. This includes files, chairs, and mats.
We would recommend using your work rooms to store chairs and mats.
(FYI, the ESC has not had the carpets cleaned entirely in over three years!)

Thank you for your cooperation and support of our GREAT Custodial Crew!

I am a little bothered by the fact that the ESC's carpets haven't been cleaned in more than three years. I don't know how many times I relied upon the three second rule when eating in my cubicle. I may have to consult with public health officials as to the wisdom of such a rule. Clearly, it has no foundation in science.

Congratulations to the ESC for getting their carpets cleaned. Three years of accumulated blood from flogging bureaucratic opposition, vomit from repulsive management practices, and sweat from the countless minions that toil at the pleasure of their supervisors. It is about time.


Anonymous said...

Frankly and said with the best of intentions, I think that evaluating the performance (and e-mails) of your replacement makes you look like a spiteful and dejected former employee and undercuts the credibility of the blog and it's mission.

Anonymous said...

I got a plan.
how about we hire more supervisors, to rule the custodians. I wish we could hire more people to do the work. Like a custodian ASST kinda like a ASST superintendent.But the asst would'nt make as much as the real custodian.
The Edmonds School district has one of the highest payrolls for superintendents & ASST superintendents in the STATE OF WASHINGTON! LOok it up people! we need to start asking questions of these leaders or so called leaders. said...

I have bigger frogs to fry than to track the poor writing skills of my replacement. The sooner she hits her stride, the earlier I can get back to issues that matter.

Clearly, the constructive criticism has led directly to the intervention of a higher paid person. My work on this topic appears to be done.

Thank you for your concern about the blog.

Anonymous said...

Dear 12/19 6:24 pm,

Clearly you're reading something in this blog entry that the rest of us can't see. If there was any "evaluating" going on by the writer, it had to do with the disgusting things that take place on the capets of the ESC. Things that are done by people much higher in the district than the poor sot that wrote the quoted memo. Ya know, people like you.

If there is anything sad and spiteful it's your twisting of this blog entry so you can take a cheap shot at its writer. I say this with the best of intentions.

Anonymous said...

Dec 19, 6:24 PM doth protest too much, methinks. Thine defensiveness betrays your own “spiteful and dejected” feelings. Mark has done nothing but expose potential fraud, disregard of state law and district policy, unprofessional and unethical behavior, incompetence and bullying, and the most pathetic egoism to be had in any public agency. Poor performance at the taxpayer’s expense is fair game regardless of where an individual fits on the organizational chart or who occupied the space previously.

Anonymous said...

"If there was any "evaluating" going on by the writer, it had to do with the disgusting things that take place on the capets of the ESC...If there is anything sad and spiteful it's your twisting of this blog entry so you can take a cheap shot at its writer. I say this with the best of intentions."

This is not the first time an entry has been made about the replacement and since the first post, I found that it distracted me from the most critical mission of the blog. And while my remark about intentions was sincere, you are simply seeking to antogonize and bully dissenting opinion. Are you sure you don't work for HR?

And as a reader of this blog since it's inception, I agree with the blogger's assertion that he has bigger fish to fry.

What is ironic is that a little constructive feedback provokes such a vitriolic response. This "circle-the-wagons-and-defend-the-boss" mentality is one of the very things the district is rightly criticized for. said...

People, people, let's get back to the frogs.

Anonymous said...

Actually, scientifically speaking, there IS something to the 3 (or 5) second rule. There is research that proves that the longer something is on the ground the dirtier it gets. It also showed (if I remember correctly) that certain items stay "cleaner" longer than others: Skittles don't tend to pick up as many contaminants as quickly as more roughly textured foods.

Still, three years without cleaning is a bit off putting considering that classrooms are cleaned annually. Does that mean that the kids are three times dirtier than the average ESC worker? said...

If a kid offered me a Skittle, I wouldn't eat it.

Anonymous said...

Hey 12/21. Get your own blog and develop you own "mission." You sound like one of those over paid middle managers who is used to taking credit for work can't do.